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Your Guide To Finding Budget-Friendly Hostels

When you go travelling, the cost of accommodation is easily one of the most expensive fixed costs you have to consider. Having somewhere safe and warm to lay your head each night after an exciting day of travelling and exploring is vital.  But there’s no way to get around it, accommodation can be pricy.

Being savvy about how you find places to stay can save you big bucks down the line. Follow our guide to finding budget friendly hostels.


First and foremost, do your research. All hostels will come in at slightly different price points, so make sure to research ones in your area beforehand. This will save you from accidently staying at the most expensive. Also look at how important it is to stay close to certain amenities and points of interest; for example, if you’re visiting a city, staying slightly out of the centre could prove cheaper (just don’t forget to factor in the costs of travel expenses).

Stay in bigger dorms

Most hostels will come with dorms of various sizes. From private rooms to dorms that sleep 20, the fewer people in the dorm, potentially the more expensive the room becomes. If you don’t mind sharing with people, then check the prices and go for the  bigger dorm. Not only will you be saving those vital pennies, but you’ll also meet heaps of new people and it will add to the overall experience.

Find one with a kitchen

Whilst this isn’t really a tip for finding cheap hostels, it is a tip to help you save money. Different hostels come with different facilities, and a kitchen will allow you to make your own food. This will save you loads in food costs, because it means you don’t need to eat out for every meal. Buying cheap food like pasta and rice, then bulking out with seasonal veggies, will enable you to make cheap and nutritious meals.

Sign up to memberships

If you’re travelling all over the place, then sign up to hostel memberships. Do a bit of research before you go and find some memberships. A lot of hostel companies will offer discounts on rooms (as well as flights and tours) if you sign up to their membership. Memberships are usually yearly costs which are fairly cheap, and the cost savings are likely to outweigh the initial sign up cost.

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