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Why people move from one place to another

There are many reasons why people move from one place to another. Some people move in search of job opportunities, while some move for better career opportunities. Some people move for better living facility such as availability of water, electricity, or transportation, etc. There are also people who plan ahead and they move for better future of their children away from their home land. These are brave steps that people take for a better future.

Looking back, many of us have ancestors who have migrated from their home land to move to a foreign land which we now called home. If our ancestors have not made that decision to leave the land they grew up in, leaving behind that they are familiar with, we would not be where we are now. Our ancestors do not know whether it was a right move or a bad one, but all they know was that they need to take that risk. There are also those who were forced to move because their lives were threatened if they were to remain where they were.

The same scenario could be happening to us now. Some of us may be facing a situation whether to remain where we are now or to make the move seeking a better pasture for ourselves or for our children. Not everyone has the courage or the capability to move wherever they wish to but for some, it is possible if they have the means to pay for their passage.

For some of us, moving is not an option because it is part and parcel of our work. We have to go where we are sent and where we go, our family goes with us. If we belong to this categories, we normally will not accumulate a lot of belongings, except maybe a family car for the convenience of moving around. We know we will not be staying long in one place, and once we travel, we need to travel light for convenience sake and also to save cost in transporting our belongings each time we move.

For people who move around frequently, they will most likely be renting a house to stay for the duration of their work there. The only property they may most likely own is a car to get around. And when the day comes for them to move again, they may choose to sell off the car. If the car is still new and in good condition, they may decide to ship the car back home, especially if they are going on retirement. The employee will then have to find out whether the expenses incurred to ship larger items such as a car will be absorbed by the company or to be bore by him.

Instead of taking things for granted, it is always wise to clarify matters and not wait till the last minute to find out that things were not what were expected. It is also good to check out whether it is worth the cost of transporting the car or to sell off the car and using that money to buy a new car back home.