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Visiting Vienna: Use Vienna Pass and Hop on hop off Bus Tours to Save Money and Time

If you want to spend a few days visiting Vienna, the capital of Austria, we give you indications about the prices, transport, services and common use goods. What prices to expect during a stay in Austria? Here are the answers! Austria has used the Euro since 2002, so you do not need to exchange currency before traveling. Take out money and pay with the credit card is free. Although hotels can be especially expensive in tourist cities such as Vienna and Salzburg, restaurants have the same prices as in other European countries. In the countryside or in the mountains, the options to stay at the inhabitant’s house are numerous and allow you to enjoy an excellent welcome and a local environment. At least there are three sectors to think about as they decide the most of your expenses.

Hotel sector

Most of hotels in Austria have many rooms with all the amenities at home that will allow you to reduce your budget while you meet people. It is around fifteen Euros for a bed in a hostel. A room in the house of the inhabitant will cost between fifty and one hundred Euros per night, depending on the situation and comfort. As for hotels, prices are slightly higher than those in other European countries and range from € 50 for those with one star to € 250 and more for those with more than 4 stars.

Vienna Hop On Hop Off Buses and Boat Tours

Transportation is relatively expensive. Whether it’s the train that has had to dominate a rather hostile terrain, the roads (with the traffic sticker, mandatory to drive on some roads in Austria, and the tunnels for payment) or public transport, the prices can be quite high. A very good solution is using Vienna Hop On Hop Off Buses and Boat as it can help you save your money and your time. You don’t want to waste your time too much just for trying some public transports, do you? Using the Hop On Hop Off Bus means you can enjoy almost all of Vienna’s sights from your comfortable seats, especially if you use the boat as an additional package. You can enjoy Vienna’s waterways which is very beautiful and not consuming too much time. It is clear that the combination between Hop On Hop Off Bus and Boat is the best solution to enjoy all the beauty of Vienna without spending much time. How about the price? The price depends on the packet you choose for. You can choose among Vienna Sightseeing Bus, Big Bus Tour Vienna and Vienna Hop On Hop Off Bus + Boat. The most expensive tickets range from no more than 50 Euros! You can compare the three options to find the Best Vienna Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Tour Bus tour.

Vienna Attraction City Pass is Worth It?

Visiting Vienna without visiting the various museums is an incomplete tour. There are many historic ancient places in Vienna that you must visit and unfortunately, if you book a ticket every time you enter the tourist attractions then your expenses will swell. What you have to get is the Vienna Pass and you will be able to get lots of discounts for visits to places like the Vienna State Opera, the Imperial Palace of Hofburg, the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, and so on. Forget the pile of your annoying tickets and switch to a multipurpose card that not only provides entrance tickets to tourist attractions, but also transport tickets. Yes! By using the Vienna Pass, your journey can be integrated into various transportation facilities such as buses, train, metro, and tram networks. You can save your money and time. There are two leading Vienna Tourist City Passes providers; Vienna Pass and Vienna City Card. They are found on that compares many tourism-related websites based on lot of parameters. So Vienna Pass / Vienna City Card is worth it? The answer is BIG YES!

We hope by exposing the facts above, you can be helped in reaching quality holidays in Vienna. Good luck and happy holiday!