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View the Medieval and Marvellous On a Mediterranean Cruise

When choosing what sort of cruise you could venture on you want to pick one that offers a dynamic and distinctive range to keep you and all who go with you entertained and blown away. A Mediterranean cruise can offer you all of that and much more. Book a Mediterranean cruise holiday and see some of these beautiful countries on your journey.


Italy is a sensational and sought out location that boasts of landmarks from the Vatican to The Leaning Tower of Pisa. The city is where the Renaissance was birthed and is therefore an essential sight-seeing location. No matter what part of Italy you go to there are some landscapes or up-builds that will leave you stunned.

Become a professional combatant on a walk through the Colosseum, or go crazy for the coastlines of Amalfi with its enchanting rocky cliff sides clothed with trees. Let romance come alive in Venice. And whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss out on the cuisine that’s on offer in Italy, let the traditional pasta and pizza dishes woo your taste buds.


This is a country that hosts an array of treasures that boast of a colourful culture and outstanding history. You can be feeling as powerful as Zeus exploring these lands and seeing all the tremendous terrain, sandy beaches, cobble stoned streets, ancient architecture and finger-licking-good food.

Sail the shores of Corfu and see the picturesque views that this island has to offer. View the ancient ruins of the Acropolis in Athens and be taken back by the grand and cleverly thought out design.


A location where you can view mountainous magnificence and medieval villages. It’s a destination where the friendly natives will make you feel comfortable and welcome while you’re there with a hospitality that is out of this world.  Trail national parks or be stunned by the sacred church buildings. There’s a host of things to keep you entertained.

See Kotor’s old town surrounded by grand mountains or raft along the deepest river in Europe based in Zablijak. There’s diversity when it comes to things to do in Montenegro.


Want a location where you can bath in breath-taking beaches, then Croatia is the place to be. Waters that are crystalline, against white pebbled beaches, it’ll make you feel as though you’re in paradise. The long coastline is only one highlight of this country: choose from a selection of other sites from Gothic buildings, museums or old towns.

Dubrovnik can offer you plenty of views of the city. Catch a glimpse of The Dinaric Alps from the coasts of Croatia.


This country with its snow-kissed peaks makes it an ideal location for ski activities. See the celestial views of hot spring fed glacial lakes. Become one with nature as you take in all the amazing natural sites this location has. From the Julian Alps to the Škocjan caves and more, this is truly nature at its finest.  Take a look at the Bled Castle surrounded by a viridescent lake. This is truly one of Europe’s most enchanting and striking countries.

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