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Why You Should Be Using Reward Schemes For Travel

I meet many travelers on the road, some are just away for one trip, others are on a more continuous journey like myself. Naturally when I meet my fellow travelers we discuss a whole range of things and invariably we get on to talking about the cost of travel, and more importantly, how to reduce it. In the main, travelers are always on the lookout for a quick buck or a freebie and it is for this reason that I am always surprised when I start talking about loyalty schemes and points. I have been using these schemes to get free and discounted travel for a long time and if you don’t already, here are just a few reasons why you ought to get started.


Save Money


At the very root of why you should be joining loyalty plans or saving points for various airlines and hotel companies is that you can save a great deal of money. In the last year for example, I have taken 4 flights for free, 2 of them over 12 hours long, thanks to my credit card points that I had amassed. I have also stayed in some very swanky hotels in Tokyo and London, for a snip of the price thanks to my Hyatt points and some points which I had collected with Marriott.

Additional Benefits


The benefits of loyalty plans do not stop at just saving money and most of them also offer a huge range of benefits that come with the service. Very often you can use the points or at least the fact that you are a part of the loyalty program, to get flight upgrades, hotel room upgrades and even things like concierge services and entrance to airport lounges so that you can relax in peace before your flight.



There is a certain air of prestige which you will carry when you are involved in one of the point collecting reward schemes and you will be treated as such. My experience so far has been that I am treated different by airline staff and hotel staff cannot wait to show me around the hotel and tend to my needs. I love customer service anyway and this enhanced service that you can receive when you are part of a plan like this makes it all worthwhile.



Whilst I am an avid point collector, I sometimes miss offers or chances to get the most out of the points that I have collected. Fo this reason I make sure that I am regularly checking my points email account so that I can always be on top of the best ways to get the full usage out of my loyalty plan. Sometimes I will even receive phone calls with offers and deals for me to take advantage of. This is a great extra when you consider joining something and you will never need to miss the chance of an offer again thanks to the solid communication that you will be receiving.

If you haven’t started collecting, now is the time to do so.