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Travelling, love and dating

Travelling is great, and most of us have a huge desire to go out and visit the world around us. Maybe it is because of our nomadic nature, or maybe it is just sheer curiosity and a desire to escape our daily routines to find somewhere new. When we see photos of beautiful beaches and mountains abroad, we just want to be there rather than stuck at work, and who can blame us? The bottom line is that the grass always look greener on the other side, even if we ourselves live in a location that other people want to visit as part of their own holidays. So we find a nice place to go, we pack our bags and… oh wait, what about a travelling partner? After all not everyone is in a relationship, but do we really want to be alone during our travels? How about a bit of dating whilst we are out there visiting the world?

Finding love abroad

So finding love might be a bit of a strong way to say things. It’s not that we don’t want to find love when we travel, but we must forget that we are not in our own country. This means the places we are travelling to might have different traditions, especially when it comes down to coupling. It really depends how serious you are about it. Some people are looking for love, but a lot of people who travel might just be looking for a bit of fun; so nothing too serious. But maybe some of the locals won’t take it so well if you’re just dating them for fun, maybe they expect more. Basically you don’t want to end up hurting anyone’s feelings, or disrespecting the local traditions; it could actually get you into trouble…

Dating other travellers

A good idea is to date with people you are more familiar with. Let’s say you’re going to spend time is holiday camps or hostels; you’re bound to meet some people who come from similar countries that yours. The fact that you will speak the same language will get you off to a better start, and you might be culturally closer when it comes to dating. Some people actually arrange their dates and hook-ups before they start travelling. There are a lot of dating sites so there is plenty to choose from. If you want a serious holiday romance then you can dating sites like Tinder might be just the right thing. Just let people know on your profile that you are travelling and looking for romance in the countries and cities you are about to visit. Of course it doesn’t have to be all fully serious, you can have fun too. If you’re looking for a naughty date then try Sex With No Strings, or any other adult dating site. Same here, just let people know you’re looking at travelling and you want some company when you get there. It all really depends whether you’re a ‘spurt of the moment’ person or whether you like to organise things in advance; both got their pros and cons.

Travel love or romance?

It is often hard to differentiate between love and romance. The best way to approach it is to say that love should be forever, whilst a romance has an expiry date. This sounds a bit cruel, but it is closer to the truth. Even when we fall in love and we think it’s the real thing; we eventually calm down from it once we make it back home. We’re not saying that we never felt anything for that holiday romance, but that the settings in which it took place can hugely influence our feelings. That luscious beach and beautiful sunset might have made the situation that much more romantic; and the feeling fades away as we make our way back home. But who knows, maybe you can find true love in your travels, might it be something that happens on the moment or something that we arranged and planned for.