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Traveling Newlyweds?

A question that most newlywed couples have for themselves: “What’s next?” Many people spend so much energy planning the perfect wedding that once they’re done with the event they’re left blanking on what to do next. The average wedding in the United States now costs an astronomical $35,329 according to a report by The Knot, so it’s not surprising that most are left contemplating both their financial and social lives after the marriage.

Well, if you find yourself with nothing to do but you also don’t want to resign yourself to the repetitive lull of an everyday life and routine, traveling around with your partner may be just the right cure for your post-wedding woes. Travel is a great way to learn more about yourself, push your limits, and deepen your relationship and understanding of your partner’s preferences.

It’s practically a crash course on how to live together under different circumstances – something that you’ll definitely want to get used to if you’ve just sworn a vow to be united to someone until death. Let’s talk about how much of a difference traveling can make in your newlywed life.

Partnered Budgeting and Financial Responsibility

People have trouble with managing their own money. And when it concerns the problem of managing finances two heads aren’t always better than one. The reality of shared finances doesn’t always align with the ideal vision of teamwork and cooperation either, unfortunately.

How many of you have made an expensive purchase behind your partner’s back, or bought something that you think they wouldn’t have agreed with 100 percent? American Express has actually conducted a survey of these behaviors and they found that money trumps both intimacy, children, and in-laws when it comes to relationship stress. Furthermore, the survey also found that 46 percent of the general population has made a purchase that they knew that their partner would not agree with and over a quarter of people have misrepresented the value of a purchase.

The fact that financial issues are the primary cause for relationship stress should certainly be enough to give anyone skepticism of whether or not they can trust their partner with their finances and if it’s a problem that needs more exploring and attention. So how exactly is traveling and sharing expenses with your partner supposed to help? I can already hear some of you asking “won’t that make the problem worse?” like getting pregnant in an attempt to reignite a relationship.

To me, there are only positive benefits to this setup. If you give it a little bit of thought you’ll realize that there are only two ways things can go. Either the trip is a success and you learn how to properly budget with your spouse and gain greater insight into their spending habits and personality, or you realize that you’re financially incompatible somewhere along the way.

If the latter happens, it’s better that you recognize that there’s a problem with your financial compatibility earlier on in the marriage so that you can actively address those issues instead of falling into a cycle of distrust when it comes to spending. At that point, you can start seeking out credit repair specialists to help guide you financially and ensure responsibility when it comes to money. Traveling will allow you to experience the world as well as your significant other on much deeper level.

Diverse Cultural Experience and Perspective

There’s a famous Czech proverb that claims: “Learn a new language and get a new soul.” While the authenticity of this saying is not rock solid, the notion that learning a new language or meeting people from different regions of the world can allow you to discover new aspects of yourself is not implausible. Sharing these cultural experiences with your partner as you journey to different parts of the world can significantly increase the chances for you to explore how your partner learns and processes new experiences.

When going on any type of adventure, it will make a significant difference for you to record the places you visited and your initial impressions. In other words, you will gain more from your travels if you keep a shared journal of some sort because it enhances and affirms your travels at home and abroad. With the ubiquity of the Internet and the ease of arranging and organizing a blog online, starting an online blog of your experiences is a great idea.

There are some basic tips you’ll want to take note of just so that your blog conforms to the general quality of design online and actually attracts visitors, but starting a blog can be a powerful motivational force for yourself and your spouse to really reflect and make the most out of your travels. Your insights and fun experiences may even help others looking to begin their own travels.