Trip Imagined

Travel tips for those who are on-the-go:

For many of us travel enthusiasts, globe-trotting has become part of our lives. But why not? There are many wonderful things travel can do, some that are life-changing. Even if you are stuck in a 9-5 job or the corporate rat-race, you can always take some time out to discover this beautiful planet of ours. With Viva Africa Tours, you will discover the most beautiful parts of Tanzania at pocket-friendly rates.

Here are some tips that may make your travels better:

Make a list:

Before you travel to a place, make a list of the things you want to do there. But do not make a mental list and leave it at that. You must write the list down, otherwise you will forget one thing or the other. Since we all want to make the most of our holidays it is important to get this list ready.

Camera Battery:

You don’t want to catch the perfect sunset or the perfect moment when you see a lion up-close, only to find that your camera battery is low! Therefore, take a portable charger and a set of extra batteries. Make the most of every moment and capture the perfect shots of your holiday to share with your friends and family.

Learn the local Language:

Learning of to say basic words like please ( ‘Tafadhali’ ) and thank you ( ‘Asante’ ) are the key to communication and to getting what you need done. Kiswahili is a simple language, therefore grasping a few words in the language cannot be too difficult.

Stay hydrated:

Long flights and long road trips can exhaust you. The best way to stay fresh and feel less tired is to hydrate. Drink lots of water, preferably 2 liters a day.

Pack light:

Tanzania can get very hot especially at the end of the year. Pack some light and comfortable clothing, nothing too tight.

Buy Sunscreen:

Protect, protect, protect. Our skin needs nourishing and protection from the harsh sun rays. If you decide to go on safari or the beaches, you will likely be in the sun for long periods of time.

Travel pouch:

Have a travel pouch that can fit in your toiletry items, makeup and medicines.


Always pack basic medication such as painkillers because you may not always have access to pharmacies.

Book your flight in advance:

Booking early can get you good deals. Flight prices rarely go down and many book their flights as early as 6 months in advance.