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Top Things To See And Do In Paris

France has always conjured up images of romantic cafe-lined streets, the Eiffel Tower, and dusk cruises up and down the Seine river, but there are so many other things to do that you may or may not be aware of. The capital city, Paris, is awash with iconic landmarks, museums and more, without forgetting some of the truly original things that can be seen and done such as a stroll up the Champs de Elysees and a spot of shopping in some of the luxury boutiques along the boulevard. Here are our top things to see and do in Paris that you might not think of at first but that are truly fantastic and worth the experience.

Disneyland Paris

While the Florida and California ones may be the ultimate in Disney adventures to some, Disneyland Paris is a great alternative for those who can’t get over the pond this year. Located not a long way out of Paris by train, the park is perfectly located to do both day and overnight trips from the capital. Featuring most of the same types of experience as its American cousins, the Paris version is great for those on a budget. A family trip to Disneyland Paris is a welcome treat, any time of year.


Under the streets of Paris, in old mine shafts and tunnels, happen to be a unique and spooky attraction known as the Paris Catacombs. This network of spooky tunnels house the bones of over six million people, making this one of the largest ossuaries in the world. Originally built to help ease the strain on Paris’ overflowing cemeteries, the ossuary is now a bit of a tourist attraction and information on visiting it can be found at most tourist kiosks for those brave enough to enter the dark tunnels lined with bones.

Sacre Coeur and Montmartre

The artist’s quarter, Montmartre, is everything a visitor to Paris could possibly want without needing to stand in long queues or pay exorbitant prices to experience the city. With narrow back streets lined with cafes, shops and artists peddling their wares to the beautiful church of the Sacre Coeur atop a steep, high hill, Montmartre is perfect for those who want to get up close and personal with real Paris by visiting a unique and friendly neighbourhood with much to offer. The view from the top is breathtaking and worth the climb, but if you have mobility issues there is a small cable car of types that can take you to the top so you don’t miss out.

Moulin Rouge

Around the corner from Montmartre is the world famous Moulin Rouge, a cabaret dance venue which invented what we know today as the can-can dance. The venue was originally founded in 1889 and still retains much of the ‘turn of the century’ romantic charm. A hot tourist attraction these days, the Moulin Rouge still offers cabaret shows of all kinds to entertain visitors. You can usually get tickets on the door, but for bigger, more popular shows or events, consider booking online.

So there you have a couple of great examples of things to do in Paris that you might not think of when you are planning your trip. Whether you add one of these things in or not, your time in the French capital is sure to be enjoyable. So get those bags packed – Paris awaits!