Top Thing You Need For That Big Trip

So the ticket is booked and you’re jetting off to a far flung destination. Whether it’s your first time heading out on an epic trip or you’re a seasoned traveller, you can never go awry with having a couple tips on what you should consider taking with you on that trip to end all trips. So what do you bring? What should you definitely not forget? Here are a couple things to definitely not miss out on taking with you.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Taking some of the best travel insurance with you is  great idea if you’re heading out into the wide, wild world and especially if you’re planning to do anything a bit adventurous like rock climbing, surfing or other adventure sports. Comparing travel insurance quotes even if you have a pre-existing medical condition is possible, so be sure to look into travel insurance regardless of any issues you may have. It’s better to pay a bit more for good coverage than to skimp and be wishing you had it. Be sure to get a plan that covers trip cancellation, trip delay, comprehensive medical, repatriation and baggage too. If going backpacking for a long period also be sure to go with backpacker insurance which will cover you for different things than typical “holiday” insurance would. 

Battery Pack or Solar Panel Charger

A solar panel that you place on the top of your main pack as you’re walking around the woods or from A to B is a great way to save on batteries and will mean you don’t need to fret about things like wall chargers or rushing to charge everything at once when you have the opportunity. Likewise a pre-charged battery pack is a useful thing to take with you too, often holding a charge for a long period of time and acting like a portable wall socket from which you can charge phones, ipods, tablets and even laptops. Never worry about charging your devices again! 

Waterproof Bag Covers

Ever get caught in a rainstorm? Sure, we all have. But what about some of those seriously tropical monsoon style rains that soak through your bag and get everything wet from things that really shouldn’t get wet to clothes and books and everything in between. A number of bags come with waterproof covers already built in that you just pull over the bag in the event of a wet day, but you can also purchase them for smaller day packs as well as your main pack and it will help keep everything inside bone dry and safe from the elements.

So if you’re heading out on that amazing epic trip and you’re caught up in the whirlwind of packing and planning, be sure to consider making a list and checking it twice to ensure you travel with all the best things money can buy that will help go a long way to making sure your trip is as memorable as possible. So get the back packed and make sure your passport is good to go and then it’s ‘bon voyage’!

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