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Tips on How to Plan an RV Trip Overseas

A road trip in a recreational vehicle or RV is one of the best ways to enjoy an extended holiday. You have complete freedom over the routes you choose and the places you visit during the trip and you can bring the comfort of home with you every step of the way.

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You are also no longer limited to visiting places near where you live. RV holidays are so popular these days; you can actually explore new countries – or an entire continent – in an RV. All you need is careful planning and we have the best tips for you in this article.

Renting vs. Buying

There is no definite rule on whether renting or buying is better for your trip, but you can decide which is the best option by taking into account a number of aspects. Looking into the length of the trip, costs, and the kind of amenities you want to have in the RV will steer you towards the best option.

Renting is more practical and it is often the better option if you are going on a relatively short road trip. You can usually rent an RV for less than buying (and then selling) one if the trip is no more than six to eight weeks. If you are going on a longer trip, however, buying may be more cost effective.

There are some extra advantages you can get from buying an RV for the trip too. For starters, you can customize the interior of the motorhome to your liking. You can have camper couches and other extra furniture fitted before the trip. On top of that, many dealers now offer a buy-back guarantee, so you know you will be able to sell the vehicle no matter what happens.

Route and Itinerary

Choosing a route and having a detailed itinerary is important when you are planning an RV holiday; even more so than when you are going on a more conventional vacation. Don’t just stop at choosing routes and picking out places to visit too. You need to spend time learning more about the destination country to plan a pleasant trip.

Weather conditions, highway codes, regulations about parking (and RV camping sites available along the way), and gas stations should all be part of your plan. You may also want to check if your driver’s license is valid for driving an RV.

Budgeting for the Trip

Last but certainly not least, work out a budget for the trip. Calculate the amount of you need to spend on fuel and caravan parks. Set aside some cash for emergencies and make sure you take other cost elements into considerations. More importantly, use the budget to help you stay on track during the trip.

With careful planning, an RV holiday in an entirely new country can be really fun. There is no shortage of destinations to visit too. Don’t be surprised to find other couples and families on their RV holidays as you drive across beautiful landscapes and visit remarkable attractions on your trip; it is a popular type of vacation after all.