Trip Imagined


Traveling is an exciting experience most of us look forward to, as time spent on the road or in the air traveling is a time well utilized to gain new experience. No experience is the same even if it is to the same destination. Every time someone travels, they meet new people and feel new sensations, and it is easy to want to travel the world more often.

However, for traveling to be a truly enjoyable experience to look forward to one needs to plan and remember to carry with them a few important documents and items. It would be best if you made a checklist of your traveling needs.

Passport and Visa

Ideally, these should go on every traveling checklist you make. You must have a passport for you to fly or take a cruise out of your country. Passport is the most important traveling document, and you must know when your passport expires and check if there are enough blank pages left on it for all the countries you intend to visit while traveling.

Check if you need a visa to enter your country of destination, and if so, whether you can get one at the point of entry or if you must apply for one before you leave your country. Most countries have visa fees so be sure to include it in your financial budget.

When you have your travel documents, take pictures of them and email to yourself and trusted friends. This is a safety precaution in case you lose them.

Money, ATM and credit cards

You need money to travel even you are going on a budget group package. Notify you back of your intention to travel and see if the credit cards they issued you with work in your destination countries. Ask if they have cards with lower transaction charges for international travelers. If you are paying for yourself, book your flight tickets early and book your accommodation before you arrive.

It is important that you set aside money some money in case of emergency and check with your bank if it allows for international withdrawals on their ATMs and know the charges of the same before you board that plane.


If you have an existing or chronic medical condition, you should remember to carry your prescribed medications with you when you travel. In packing checklist, see to it that you redeem your cialis free coupon if you need them before you travel since the drug might not even be sold in the country you are visiting. You might think that you’ll buy them when you arrive at your destination, but the regulations and laws on drugs may be different from your country, and you will find yourself with a medical emergency.

Embassies and Consulates

Research the web or go to your nearest state department and ask if your country has an embassy in the country you want to visit. The embassy in your destination country needs to know when you visit, so they give advice on the dos and don’ts of the country and whatever attraction sites the country has to offer.