The Seven Holiday Honeymoon Platinum Package

Think of a two-week honeymoon where you can change resorts to your liking in a location with diverse beautiful villages, restaurants, and hotels! That should be awe-inspiring, right? Luxury beaches, luxury ski slopes and get away cottages are all available through the luxury property rental agent Tempston Luxury

As a couple, if you like, you can hop into the nearby Hindu islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. It is incredible for world-class diving and snorkeling. Besides, the amazing beaches and seawater at the Gilis is the exact idea of the Seven Holiday honeymoon platinum package with prime diving in Bali, Indonesia.

Any traveler is in for an adventure of a lifetime in Bali. There are outstanding things for you and if you love diversity, you can only make the most out of this Island.

All you have to do is a plan to stay in different areas, enjoy different accommodation and do unique honeymoon things. If you are overwhelmed by the irresistible package, you can single out what suits both of you.

Benefits of this package

Could you be a traveler with no time planning a meticulous trip to fix every detail? No cause for alarm. The Seven Holiday professionals are ready to make it a hustle-free exploration. They are able to set up any tailor-made honeymoons to Bali within the shortest time possible, so you don’t miss out on your schedule.

Enjoy weeks of intimacy as newlyweds, courtesy of this dedicated honeymoon package. On arrival, you can kick it off at the Royal suite Ocean court, your 5-star luxurious beach resort. This is an innovative and world-famous coastline of Nusa Dua.

Nevertheless, honeymoon relaxation is something dear to many travelers. You have a variety of private cottage that directly access the resort’s lagoon-inspired swimming pool.  A break away from the bustle characterized by traffic is to enjoy a soak up in the sun, thanks to the swim in clear blue waters around.

It just can’t get any better than this. With only 14D/13N/ $2885 per person, your platinum honeymoon package is ready to kick off. Let the love flow during the amazing trip while in for a treatment of exceptional services.

Bali in Indonesia comes with paradise-like islands that will make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience, for all the right intentions. It is a complete bustle-free atmosphere surrounded by the lush tropical rainforests and rice paddies of Ubud.

Probably, to add a little spice to the whole trip, you can opt for a wonderful trip at the Seminyak. It is the world’s famous stretch of sunset beach, fashion boutiques and restaurants.


Spend your quality time relaxed to thrilling entertainment at Bali, courtesy of the ridiculously affordable platinum package. Transform the honeymoon experience from the conventional style in the island’s most sacred and gorgeous locations. Remarkably, your private day tours are also inclusive in this package. All is just a contact away from the Seven Holiday experts.

How about a visit to the mystical and ancient temples? The volcanoes and the world’s famous rice terraces is a perfect idea for an exotic honeymoon escapade. Chances are you might have too much to handle with just the Platinum honeymoon package alone.

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