The quick guide for planning a camping extravaganza


There’s no doubt that camping has really been reinvented over the last few years. If you were to cast your mind back a few decades it would have been all the rage, only for budget airlines to take over and direct many of us to warmer climates.

However, now it is becoming fashionable again. More people are turning to it and in short, taking full advantage over the great outdoors.

Unfortunately, this is also the type of vacation where nothing is done for you. While some camp sites might look to make your trip a little easier, on the whole the onus is all on you.

This is the reason the following guide has been put together. We will now take a look at some of the best planning tips you can deploy if you are about to venture on your first camping trip.

Safety first

If you are about to head out to one of the popular camp sites, we might suggest that this won’t be much of an issue. However, if you are the type of individual or family who wants to push limits somewhat, and visit somewhere a little less busy – you need to take various safety precautions.

We’re going to assume that you’ve researched the area in question and everything has come back acceptable at this point. Our suggestion instead relates to making others aware of where you are. If you have put yourself in the middle of nowhere, a gps tracker can be invaluable. It’s something that gives everyone at home a little peace of mind, whilst also providing you with some security if you do want to venture even further into the unknown during your camping travels.

Plan your meals beforehand

We take it for granted when we visit a hotel; that is the type of vacation where you can pick and choose where you eat, and change your mind on a whim.

Well, here’s a newsflash – such advantages don’t exist with a camping vacation. All of the responsibility is on you and the best advice is to plan all of your meals before you even get in the car. By planning a schedule of simple meals that are properly suited to camping, life is suddenly made much easier. The evenings of scratching your head are long gone – a schedule is in place and you can start to worry about some of the larger issues (such as what you will be doing through the course of the day).

Plan for the journey there

One mistake that some families make is not considering the actual route there. Unlike a vacation abroad, where the plane and airport might take the kids’ attention, this doesn’t occur with camping. Instead, it’s all in the car – and this can get boring.

To remove the stress from everybody’s shoulders, just make sure you implement some entertainment on the way. Whether it’s books, games or an in-car DVD player, by doing this you can keep everyone relaxed before the task of erecting the tent arises.

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