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The best places to relax in the world (when you still need to get work done)

There are a number of benefits of vacation time for employees – we all need to rewind, relax and charge the batteries. But surprisingly enough, many of us have a hard time doing it. A recent study noted that more than a third of millennials work at some point during every day of their holidays. Even when that time is booked in as leave, they continue to work!

But an idea that is increasingly gaining favour (and is increasingly feasible thanks to the flexible working arrangements afforded by digital technology) is the workcation – working from a relaxing holiday destination. Packing up for a while and working from a different destination breaks up mundane day-to-day routines and can increase productivity and improve mental health.

Putting a bit of distance between yourself and the office can be a great opportunity to handle administrative work, or tie up loose ends. Invoicing can be done on the fly with cloud software like Xero – even chasing down unpaid invoices is more fun when you’re in sunny Santorini! And if your clients are still back home, problem areas like debt collection can easily be handled with a few emails by engaging a local debt collection services provider so you can get back to your workcation.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But where should you go? Read on to discover 5 of the best places to relax in the world – while still getting work done.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland consistently ranks in the top 5 of the world happiness index, and it’s not hard to see why. Located in the southwest of Iceland on the picturesque Faxa Bay, Reykjavik is a truly beautiful city with great food, plentiful accommodation options and natural beauty by the bucketload.

To do in your time off: Visit the Blue Lagoon

Wifi Coverage: Great

Ubud, Bali

Located in the mountains of the idyllic island paradise that is Bali, Ubud is a spectacular jungle wonderland. The temperature in the hills is generally a couple of degrees lower than at the coast, which can be a blessing in Bali. There is good quality, cheap accommodation everywhere and a very strong wellness community (think yoga, clean living and organic food), which makes Ubud a very attractive destination.

To do in your time off: The Campuhan Ridge Walk

Wifi Coverage: Pretty good – be sure to check with your accommodation.

Santorini, Greece

We’ve all seen the photos of Santorini. White buildings with blue roofs perched high above the Mediterranean. But it’s the hospitality of the Greek people, combined with its thriving tourism industry, that has landed it on this list. Because the island is so welcoming to outsiders, accommodation, food and recreation options abound – perfect for a relaxing workcation.
To do in your time off: Get in that crystal clear water!

Wifi Coverage: Great

New Orleans, USA

This one is for the music lovers. New Orleans’ deep cultural association with music (particularly jazz) means that every night of the week you can find live music in bars, clubs and even on street corners. Add to that the warm climate, French-inspired local cuisine and beaches nearby, and you have a recipe for success.

To do in your time off: Take a stroll down Bourbon Street

Wifi Coverage: Great

Dubrovnik, Croatia

And last (but certainly not least), Dubrovnik is a location that has been enjoying a huge boom in popularity of late – and with good reason. To save a bit of money, book an accommodation option outside the Old Town and walk in for your sightseeing needs. Get ready for lots of great seafood, swimming… and a bit of work, of course.

To do in your time off: Take the boat over to Lokrum

Wifi coverage: Great