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How to Prepare For a Long Backpacking Trip

If you have made some plans to take on a backpacking trip this year then you have made a smart decision and you are in store for one of the greatest experiences of your life. Backpacking differs greatly from a simple vacation and you are going to be taking in a great amount of amazing sights, having new and awesome experiences as well as meeting some amazing people on your travels.

The key to a successful backpacking trip is in the planning and here are some of the things that you should be preparing before you go.


The packing of your backpack is going to take quite a bit of planning and practice before you leave and it is important that you get things just right. Depending on where you are heading to, you need to obviously ensure that you have what you need, with that being said you also need to ensure that you are packing as lightly as possible. You may think that you have cracked it if everything which you want to take can fit into the case but if the bag is too heavy, you are going to regret it once you are lugging that bag around for three months. Keep it light and simple and remember, you can always buy things on the road. That said, don’t forget some key possessions such as your phone, your favorite notepad, your vape pen, a camera (if you want better quality photos than a phone can take), a list of emergency contacts and a glass pipe, in case you wind up in a place where legalization has taken hold.


When you put yourself out into the world like this, you are also heightening the probability of something going wrong and you need to make sure that you are prepared. For this reason it is vital that you have some smart travel insurance and you also need to understand that there are different types of travel insurance out there. For backpacking insurance you will need to look for companies which specialize in this and that they can offer you worldwide cover, over a long period of time. Don’t get caught short if something goes wrong, get smart insurance and make sure that you are covered.


When it comes to backpacking, one of the biggest appeals is the freedom which it gives you and whilst this level of flexibility should be welcomed, it does help to have a rough idea of where you are going during your travels. This is not to say that you must stick with your plans, you should leave them open to alteration depending on what you see or where you happen to go, but having a general idea of destination can help you avoid wasting valuable time during your trip.


Going away for such a long period of time does throw up the question of what you will do with your possessions and if you don’t own your own home or still live with parents then you need to find somewhere to put them until you get back. There are many storage centers where you can keep your goods or alternatively you could ask friends and family to help you out. Make sure that you start planning for this sooner rather than later to avoid running into any problems.

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