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Jason Proch – How to Get The Very Cheapest Flights

My partner Jason Proch and I have racked up more than 50 trips between the UK and America in the last 8 years or so as we have been trying to launch our new company. Originally we had decided just to hit the American market but we quickly realized that the British market would be a good place to get started too. This certainly proved to be a risky strategy for us because the cost of flying from New York to London so many times would obviously have an impact on our finances. And so over the years we believe that we have managed to find the way to get the best prices on this flight and I wanted to share those tips with you, so that you can bag those cheap flights too.

Where to Look

There are only two sites which I look at when I am looking to find the best deals on flights and they are Skyscanner and Momondo. Both of these websites are known as flight aggregators and they basically scan the whole internet to fin you the cheapest flights. The bots from these websites will scan both airlines and 3rd party sites which means that you can always guarantee that the prices on their website is the lowest that you are going to see.

Credit Cards

Credit cards should always be put to work in order to help you save money on your airfare and this is something which we have done for many years now. Find yourself the best credit card which will give you points that you can spend on air travel. Use the credit card as much as possible each month, of course making sure that you pay it off every month, and then collect huge numbers of points which you can use to save money on your flights. If you don’t already do this then you are missing out on some great chances to save money on your air travel.


If you are not in a mad rush to get from A to B, you could considering getting there via C, which means connecting flights in another airport. To give you an example of how much you can save when doing this, I recently took a flight from New York to London via Amsterdam, the flight cost me $397 return and the total journey time was 13 hours, including the 2 hours wait in Amsterdam. To fly on exactly the same dates but to go directly, would have cost me $687 and the total flight time was 10 and a half hours. And so as you can see for just 2 hours of my time, and the ever s slight inconvenience of switching planes, I was able to save $290! Before you book any flights, have a look into what connections you may be able to take and see if you can bring the cost down a little bit.