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How Your Family Can Help When You Have Money Issues on Your European Vacation

You’re finally planning for that dream European vacation you’ve always wanted to take. You’ve created an itinerary, and you’ve booked your hotel. You’re looking at things like discount tickets to museums and the best times to take that boat cruise off the coast. You’re researching the best places to eat and the most popular sights to see.

What you might not be planning for is what you’ll do in case you get mugged. Or how you’ll manage if you lose your wallet. Or maybe you just find more souvenirs that you can’t live without than you expected, and you need a little extra cash. What do you do? Here are a few ways that your family can help, once they’ve verified it’s actually you asking for assistance:

Send a Wire Transfer

The fastest and easiest way for family members to get you money when you need it on your European vacation is to transfer money. There are a number of services that family members can use. They would indicate how much they want to send and pay the nominal fee for the service. You would then be instructed to collect the cash from one of the many locations offered through the service.

Transferring money is secure, so you don’t have to worry about any risk of the money being lost or stolen before it gets to you. The process is also fast and easy, so you can get the money you need in as little as 15 minutes. Your vacation can go on as planned with minimal interruption.

Use a Payment Service

If there is some reason that your family members can’t get you money through a wire transfer service, which is the easiest and most secure way to get you money, they can use another payment service. Some popular options include Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle, though there are many more options available. Users can transfer the money instantly, and if they use the “friends and family option,” there is no fee to receive the money.

The downside to using these services is that, if you need cash, you won’t get it quickly. The money will either go into your bank account, or you will have to wait for the money to hit your payment account and then transfer it to your bank account or use a special payment card. You could have to wait days for it to hit your bank, or you could have to pay expensive ATM fees to withdraw the money from your bank.

Phone in a Payment

Maybe what you need is money to extend your hotel stay or to schedule a new flight, but you don’t have a credit card because your wallet was lost or stolen. You may not be able to use cash to take care of these matters, so a money transfer won’t help you. Family members can help by calling in a payment on your behalf or by making the payment online. They can use their credit card to complete the purchase for you, and you can pay them back for it later.

Make Calls on Your Behalf

You should always make a copy of your credit cards, license, passport, and any other important cards or documents that you will be taking with you on vacation or that you will need to prove your identity. If you keep these items in your wallet or bag, or if your hotel room is burglarized, you might not have access to these copies. Your family members can help you by calling your credit card companies to cancel your cards quickly or by faxing you copies of your identifying documents. You’ll be able to stop the financial damage as quickly as possible and to get back home without too much trouble.

Traveling abroad should be a wonderful experience, but bad things can happen that you don’t expect. Just make sure that you have a contingency plan in case you find yourself in a financial bind, whether something bad happened like a mugging or you are just having too good of a time and want to do more.

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