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How to mix culture with your travels

If you are traveling to a foreign country for the first time, you might be hit with an apparent dilemma. How do we interact with the international culture? It’s one of those questions that nags at the heart of every traveler no matter where they go.

To be sure, mixing with foreign cultures is not hard. In fact, when we asked some hardened travelers about it, they were pretty quick to come up with tips and tricks. So, for the first-time travelers, here’s a brief list of things you should do to know the country you travel to well.

1. Ditch the itinerary

You do not get to know the country you are traveling to unless you have no pre-conceptions about what you are going to see. Now, you can choose to be the person who plans out every second, or you could ditch the plan sheet.
This does not mean you do not plan at all though. Check out the attractions and plan your vacations through TripHobo, book your hotels and then let go.
Once, you roam the streets and find out more about the country you are visiting; you will start finding hidden treasures all along the way.

2. Always eat local

Now, when Samuel, who has traveled across the globe three times already gave this advice, we were curious. Most local foods may not suit us well or may even cause diseases. However, according to him, the conversations you have over a cup of tea at one of the local Starbucks never matches up to the discussions at the roadside stalls.
Food is a large part of the culture, and sure, we are allowed to be cautious. However, refusing to eat anything out of our comfort zone means we would never experience the life of the people fully.

3. Get friends, not guides

You won’t ever visit the hidden places if you stick to a guide. However, making friends is easy. According to our seasoned travelers, you can walk out, and have people who would be ready to show you around their cities and towns for free.
People are super proud of the place they stay in, and they have tonnes of stories to share. Listening in, talking, everything can help you know them better, and eventually assist you in getting help in times of trouble too.

4. Use the public transport

We are the Uber generation. However, using a cab to get everywhere is not a solution, since, most of the people still have real experiences in public transports. According to Gina, who recently came back from an India tour, she would not have known about half the places she visited unless she was on a bus.
She recommends getting on public transport and talking with the people to figure out your plans for the day. More often than not, you will find something exciting.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your travel bags ready and start embarking on a journey where you have little to lose. Be a real nomad in your travels.

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