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How to make your flying experience as good as possible

It doesn’t matter if you’re a frequent flier or step on a plane randomly once every few years, you want your flight to be as comfortable as possible. Especially as very often, at least based on my own experience, you start your flight while being fairly tired. Not really sure if that’s just about me, but more often than not, I really end up on the plane being fairly tired. Before going on to things you can do something about to make your flight more comfortable, there sometimes are also things you can’t do much about.

One of those things is turbulence. It’s something you can do nothing about, turbulence can happen and you just need to learn to accept it. If you’re afraid of flying in the first place, it’s more problematic, but you just need to take it as a fact of life that you can’t do a anything about besides get used it.

I also remember during one, fortunately a short flight, when there was a couple with a small child behind me. The child kept on kicking my seat every two seconds or so. I was pretty angry, I remember giving them looks and probably also saying something, but they didn’t seem to care much. Fortunately it really was a short flight, and all I was thinking at the time was, just 40 minutes more, just 40 minutes more. Besides kicking kids there can also be screaming kids. While sometimes it’s understandable, if some adults hate flying, for kids experiencing it for the first time, what can you expect? But some other times, when there a kid who’s simply screaming because he wants to scream and the parents don’t feel like doing anything, the only thing you can do for yourself to prepare for this situation is to have really good headphones, preferably ones that are noise canceling, meaning the outside noise is kept outside. Then again, me who loves to travel light, doesn’t want the extra gear with me.

But okay, these are the problematic things during the flight. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can actually do to make your flying experience more comfortable. I have noticed that if I want to sleep, the best thing to do is to start reading a book, a newspaper, or watching a movie on your laptop, a movie you’ve seen numerous times before. Whichever one I choose out of these things, I usually get sleepy rather quickly and end up sleeping soon. Then again, if we’re talking about cheaper airlines which often also seem to have more uncomfortable chairs in general, it gets trickier. Then the best solution is to have some extra sleeping gear with you, a good travel pillow and a sleep mask to keep you in total darkness. Now put on your earphones and listen to whatever helps you chill the best. And before you know it, you’ve reached your destination.

I know some people pretty much hate flying, while maybe not necessarily because they are scared of it, but they just don’t like it. Making yourself feel as comfortable during the flight as possible makes it all way more tolerable.