How to Make a Living as a Nomadic Music Composer


With the ever-growing popularity of the Internet, a plethora of jobs have become workable from the road. This is true for writers, web developers and customer service professionals. But, what can you do if you work as a music composer?

Surprisingly, there are plenty of jobs out there for the musically inclined as they hit the road. You just have to know where to look. You should also have the Ultimate List of Free Serum Wavetables at your disposal for when you need a bit of musical help.  Here are a few ideas for jobs you can do as a nomadic music composer.

Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube stars have become increasingly popular since the site’s initial launch, especially after they allowed users to monetize their channels. If you are not camera-shy, try creating some content and uploading it. The great thing about YouTube is there are so many ways to make money from this avenue.

As long as you create a consistent brand and post your videos regularly, you should be able to secure a decent amount of views on your videos. Try to make your channel stand out by offering something different within the music niche.

Once you have a decent-sized channel with a good bit of content, you can think of allowing for advertisements on your videos. You can also link your viewers to affiliate sites from your channel where they can buy music-related gear and you receive a portion of the sale for referring them.

Become an Online Tutor

Students around the world are turning to the web to find tutors with flexible schedules. In fact, you can teach a child in China how to write music. The best part about these types of gigs is that you can schedule your own work hours and appointments, giving you the freedom to explore in your free time.

These jobs can require some teaching experience; so, keep that in mind when searching the job market. As an upside, online music tutors are usually only required to have relevant experience and higher education.

Sell Your Sheet Music

Using a personal website or in-person sales, you can sell your sheet music to publishers in search of background music for shows, commercials and radio ads. Depending on your contract, you can be eligible for portions of revenue generated by your compositions.

At the same time, you can use this strategy when selling songs to restaurants, orchestras or businesses to retain rights to revenue created when your song is played.

Jump into the Freelance Circuit

A tide of employers are turning to freelance platforms to hire freelancers for one-time projects. You can sign up on any of these sites, such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer and create your profile within five minutes. After that, you can bid on a variety of freelance jobs depending on what interests you, such as composing a piece for a short video or offering music theory lessons.

In Conclusion

It can take a while to build up a solid reputation, but once you do, you can receive steady source of income. The best part–only taking jobs when you want to. Enjoy your new freedom and safe travels.

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