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How To Combine Business And Leisure On Company Trips

Traveling for business offers the opportunity to see many different locations, cultures and sights. While some corporate managers might see it as a daily grind, others understand that you can successfully mix business and leisure. In fact, there are many professionals that are able to combine business and leisure multiple times per year. This concept has become known as “bleisure” in the corporate travel industry. As someone who is required to travel for business, read below to learn how to combine business and leisure with a number of different options.

Document Travel For Business Purposes

Firstly, business trips must be the primary intent of the travel or stay. This must be clearly documented that you a traveling to a location for specific business purpose. It could be a meeting, conference or prospective client. Whatever the reason, you should have clear documentation that you are traveling for the company and primarily business purposes. Otherwise, if you are traveling for personal reasons primarily, you will not be eligible to mix business and leisure. Documentation is critical to showing that you are on a business trip first and foremost.

Create An Itinerary That’s Transparent

In addition to documenting your travel purposes, write out an itinerary that shows your business activities as well as your personal time. This makes everything transparent for your company. In corporate, it can be very helpful to share your location and your intent. This way, nobody is asking questions about your whereabouts and activities off the clock. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to plan out your time accordingly. You will be upfront with your business and enjoy more leisure time too. It’s a win-win to have a transparent itinerary.

Follow The 4 Hour Workday Rule

When traveling domestically or abroad, a trip must have a certain percentage of business days. On domestic travels, you need to have at least 50% of days for business while international trips require over 75%. As long as you work 4 hours per day, it is considered a business day. Therefore, you can extend your trip as long as you can by working the minimum number of hours per day and touring the city for the rest of the day. As long as this is okay with your management team, it could be a great way to mix business with pleasure.

Make The Most Of The Amenities

If you don’t have much time on a business trip, you can always make the most of the hotel amenities. While you are staying in business locations like San Francisco or New York, many hotels offer amenities like fitness centers, high speed internet and indoor pools. Specifically, some boutique hotels offer in-room amenities to make your stay comfortable. These include spa-like fixtures in the showers and luxury robes so that you can relax after a long day. On the shortest of business trips, you can still have some leisure time by enjoy all that your hotel has to offer.

Take Advantage Of The Promotions

Furthermore, hotels understand that business travelers can create extended stays for their leisure. Since the IRS allows the same deduction if you come back a few days later, you can take advantage of weekend extended stay promotions. Often times, hotels will allow you to keep the same discounted or group rate that you had during your business travel. This is a nice way to get all of your work done upfront and then spend time exploring that location for your own fun. You can really enjoy having some dedicated leisure time with the great promotions and deals on extended hotel stays.

Depending on where you have to travel for business, you might be tempted to have some personal time off too. You can enjoy New York City and other major business cities when you document your business travel accurately. Make sure you have a clear itinerary that you share with your boss or coworkers. If you can spread out your work, use the 4 hour rule to guarantee that you meet the minimum number of business days on the trip. If you don’t have much time to flex your hours, simply enjoy all the amenities that your hotel has to offer. Additionally, you can just get all of your work done during the first portion of the trip and extend your stay using a hotel promotion. This will give you the ultimate flexibility to mix your business and leisure together. Just remember, your trip must have a primarily business purpose first.