How to Avoid Getting Scammed on the Road

There are always dangers present when you decide to go traveling, you will be heading to uncharted territory, there will be times when you have almost everything in your life straddled to your back and traveling alone means that you could become a target for anyone.

Aside from the dangers of being mugged or attacked whilst on the road, there is also a great risk that you could be sucked into a scam unwittingly and find yourself in a tricky spot. There are scams that take place around the world which are designed to fool a foreigner who is uncertain of how things work in a new country. If you want to beat the scammers then here are some tips on doing so.

Airport Taxis

One of the oldest scams in the book is the airport taxi scam, you arrive in a new destination, walk out of the airport and into a cab. The cab driver tells you he knows exactly where your hotel is and before you know it you are either stuck with them in a dark alley or they have taken you to another hotel, which is clearly going to give them commission for your stay. To avoid this you should always try and see if the hotel or accommodation which you ahem booked offers a transfer. Failing this, you should use the licensed airport taxis, usually you will pay for your journey inside the airport and then be taken to your destination.

Don’t be a Target

This is the same advice I would give to anyone who is scared of being mugged, do everything you can to not be painted as a target. The way to avoid being a target is through doing things like to wearing expensive jewelry, don’t flash your cash when paying for things and try to avoid using or carrying too much tech with you. This is not to say that you aren’t in a position to get scammed should you dress with simplicity and take no gadgets with you, but it will greatly lower your risk of something happening.


Tours give unscrupulous people a great opportunity to pull off a scam and if there is something of interest nearby then you should be wary of this type of scheme. It is very simple really, you meet someone who is offering a tour, they tell you where to arrive and when, perhaps they give you a leaflet about the tour and then they ask for a deposit once you have decided to go. The problem is that when you arrive at said location the next day, your tour bus or agent is not there, in fact, there is nothing there. To avoid this type of scam, make sure that your tour agent has a legitimate office, try to speak with people who have taken tours before, check out the company online and when looking for tours, speak with your hotel or hostel to see who they recommend.

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