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Great UK Road Trip Stops


Road trips are some of the most enjoyable options when it comes to holidays that the whole family will enjoy. From choosing the destination all the way up to exploring the nearby towns, villages and new areas you’ve never seen or experienced, it can be a non-stop adventure from the moment you set out. If you are the type to let the wind decide where it’s going to take you, sometimes you will find the most unique and wonderful places you may never knew existed. Here is a list of just a few of those beautiful or quirky places you need to add to your next road trip itinerary.

Robin Hood’s Bay, North York Moors

This beautiful section of the North York Moors is one of the most tranquil and idyllic regions for those who love to kick back on the beach and watch the world go by. Situated perfectly between Whitby and Scarborough on the North Yorkshire and Cleveland Heritage Coast, Robin Hood’s Bay is a quintessentially English village with snickelways and old style cottages, highlighted with hanging floral baskets, boasting views that are to die for. You can stay in a nice hotel there to really make your stay memorable as you explore probably one of the most picturesque villages in the UK, conjuring up imagery of days of yore.

Old Mother Shipton’s Cave, Knaresborough

Old Mother Shipton’s Cave is an interesting spot in the beautiful town of Knaresborough, not far from Harrogate in northern England. The main reason people flock to this cave is because of its petrifying properties, something that’s somewhat of a marvel. Examples of items that have been petrified over time from the heavy sediment water hang from an overhanging bit of rock and show off the cave’s main event. You can also make a wish in the well near the cave as well as visit an eerie formation that looks akin to an old witch! For those visiting northern England, this is a great stop for the whole family, especially for those with kids.

Medieval Jailer’s Cell, Salisbury

Salisbury is a beautiful city in the south of England with some stunning examples of medieval architecture and history including the old Poultry Cross, cathedral with the highest spire in the UK as well as one of the most unique pubs you will probably ever visit – the Haunch of Venison. Used as a hostel for workers who built the cathedral circa 1200, it’s believed to be the oldest in the city and some even believe that Eisenhower and Churchill planned the Normandy landing during World War 2 from the horsebox to the left of the main bar. For a real treat though, seek out the medieval jailer’s cell, located under Blue Boar Row, a short walk away. You might need to ask at the bar in the current restaurant ‘Bill’s’ if you can check it out, but it’s said to still have bloody handprints on the walls, although this is more than likely a rumour made up to excite tourists.

These are just three unique places you can check out on a road trip or holiday through the UK, but there are literally hundreds of little local gems that are just waiting to be found in and around all of the towns and villages of the British Isles. Where will you find yourself this year?