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Graduation Present Ideas

With 2019 in full swing and many students thinking about life after school or college, now’s the perfect time to start considering what to buy that soon-to-be-grad for a spectacular graduation gift. With so many great options out there to show your graduate just how impressed with them you are, it can be daunting to find the perfect graduation gift. If this sounds like an issue you anticipate experiencing later this year, check out these great graduation gift ideas that will wow that grad of yours.

A Holiday

Going on a holiday is always a great way for grads to celebrate getting out of school or college and entering adulthood properly. Many students will want to hit the road with their friends for a good jaunt around a number of countries, sometimes known as a gap year. It’s common all over the world for students and younger travellers to do this, but what if your grad is a bit on the shyer side? They can always book a single travellers holiday – one that allows them to get out and explore the world, but with more structure and organised with other solo travellers so they can meet new friends along the way.

Single traveller trips are fantastic for those who are looking to get away but continually have their friends flake out on them about planning the holiday. If your grad is desperate for a holiday but can’t seem to get their friends on board, this is a great way to give them what they want, without them needing to wait for someone to do it with.

Host  A Party

Hosting an awesome party for your grad and their friends is one of the top ways to celebrate a graduation. With drinks, food, and fun and games (just no ‘pin the tail on the donkey’!) it can be a great way to celebrate all their achievements, along with those of their friends. Many students love a good party, and if they’re planning to go off to university, chances are they will be doing their fair share of partying once they’re there too! So why not give everyone a fab send off with an awesome bash at your home, in your garden or another location where everyone will have a great time.

That Special Something

Students and grads in particular often have their eye on something special they’d love to lay their hands on, whether it’s a gaming system, a car or that much anticipated gap year trip, there’s always something they secretly want that their parents can provide. What’s caught the eye of your graduate? You might be surprised what they tell you! See what you can afford with your budget and go from there as students can sometimes have slightly unrealistic expectations about what their parents can afford!

So if you have a child in your house that is graduating school, college or university this year and you’re looking to surprise them with something truly fantastic as a show of your love and celebration, consider one of these awesome suggestions. Student are usually appreciative about any gesture, no matter how small, so what will you do to show your kids just how proud you are of them?


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