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Crystal Clanton – Saving You Money On Your Flights

Whenever it comes to travel there is only one person who I rely on to bag me the very cheapest and her name is Crystal Clanton. Crystal has been traveling for years and she has a very enviable digital nomad lifestyle. Because of the fact that she has lived this lifestyle for so long, she knows exactly how to get the very cheapest flights. Thanks to her tips I very rarely pay over the average for flights and I wanted to share this very easy method with you so that the next time that you fly, you can do so at bargain basement prices.


Once you have your travel plans and your dates figured out there are only two websites which you will need to visit and they are Skyscanner and Momondo. What these 2 sites do is search the internet for the best prices both from the airlines themselves, and from third party operators. This is why there is no point in looking elsewhere because you won’t find cheaper prices than you can find on these two websites. The sites are very easy to use and they can give you great options in terms of finding the lowest priced flight for you.


Many people will turn their noses up at the idea of connecting flights but if you are able to look into this option you can save yourself a great amount of money indeed. To give you an idea, last year I flew from New York to London with a connection in Toronto, the total travel time was 14 hours and it cost me $362. The direct flight on the same dates would have taken just 9 hours yet cost me $678. And so all I had to do was waste a bit of time in Toronto Pearson airport and then head off to London, safe in the knowledge that I had saved over $300! If you have a little bit of flexibility with your timings, this is an option which you must look into.

Local Prices

If you are not in the country where you are looking for flights from then you may end up paying a small premium, quite why this happens is still unknown. In order to counteract this however you can use a VPN which masks your IP address, and you can then appear as though you are in fact within the country where you are flying from. Last year I was in Colombia and I saved $80 on an Avianca flight, simply by changing my IP address to Colombia when I was looking for the flights back at home in the USA. This is perfectly legal so don’t worry about that, and it can be another great way for you to save on your flights.

Next time that you go away somewhere, use these tips and you can save huge amounts of money.