Cool Designs for Hard Back Photo Books

Hardback photo books make a fantastic gift for someone you care about, celebrating a special occasion or event. Furthermore, it is a great keepsake for you, building your own photo collection. You can choose from different standard sizes, with A3, A4, and A5 being the most common one, and photobooks can usually have up to 80 pages included in them, with each page being fully customizable. It is up to you to decide whether you want to put 20 pictures on each page, or just a single one, or a combination thereof. Every element of the book can be customized, so you are only limited by your own creativity.

Photo Books Allow You to Showcase Your Digital Photographs

Most of us have so many digital photographs, but we don’t really every do anything with them. By printing the best ones in a digital photo book, you have a chance to really eternalize those memories. You can add things such as texts, borders, backgrounds, and colors to make the book uniquely yours and truly representative of the memory or memories you are trying to share.

Presentation Matters

Hardback photobooks usually have a HD satin cloth cover. This is known to offer the best kind of reproduction for photographs in these types of books. You will notice that it offers crystal clear, sharp colors, and every detail will be visible. The quality of these types of books is truly out of this world, and far higher than it would be if you just had some prints on photo paper. Furthermore, you can laminate any image you like, perhaps printing it on a presentation box in which the book can be stored.

Life Books – Birthdays

A birthday book can truly become a book of life. It makes for a wonderful gift for someone who is celebrating a special milestone. The book offers numerous different cover options, in which you can place such things as a photograph of the recipient with their age, or perhaps an old baby picture of the recipient with the year they were born. The possibilities are endless. Inside the book, you could add photographs in chronological order of the person going through the years, for instance.

Love Books – Valentine’s Day or Weddings

Love is also something to be celebrated, cherished, and remembered. A wedding album created with a professional hardcover photo book is a great way to celebrate love. At the same time, you could mark Valentine’s Day, or so many years of being together, in a book that celebrates that time. It is wonderful to go through those images and to remember all those special moments that make love so strong.

These are just two ideas that you could use to create a photobook. Hardcover books usually look more professional and luxurious, but you do have the option of printing a paperback as well. The possibilities really are endless and it is entirely up to you to decide how you want your images to look and how you want them to be printed.

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