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Can I Take My Own Passport Photo?

With so many of us unable to travel owing to the pandemic, there are an awful lot of us who are making those plans to get away once all of this is over and done with. It is important that we ensure  our passports are going to be in date and ready to go when we are. If you need a new passport then one of the processes is of course to get that new passport photo.

Back in the day we would have to sit in a little photo booth to get the right passport, or perhaps even head to the post office and pay for the service. Given however that we are very much in the digital age, can’t we just take that passport photo on our own? Let’s have a look.

Understanding the Requirements

The answer is that yes, you can certainly take your own passport photo, but it is critical that you pay attention to the exact requirements.

  • Your photo should be 35mm to 40mm in width, and it should be 45mm-50mm in length
  • You must send 2 uniform images
  • This must be a coloured photo
  • No retouching of photo
  • Plain white or light grey background
  • Neutral expression
  • Nothing covering the face
  • Visible edges of the photo
  • Clear focus, no red eye

Now of course if you opt to look for ‘passport photos near me’ and use a service then you won’t have to worry about any of this. If however you choose to take the image yourself, you must ensure that you have met the exact criteria.

Benefits of Taking Your Own Passport Image

Assuming that you take a good photo and that it is accepted, you will be able to add great ease to this process and a good cost saving too. All you will be paying for is the passport photo delivery, and there will be no service that you will have to pay for.

Drawbacks of Taking Your Own Photo

One of the biggest issues that people have is that they fail to meet the requirements for the image. This happens because they don’t understand the perfection that is required with this kind of photograph in order for it to be accepted. When a photograph is rejected they very rarely give you a reason as to why this has happened.

Using a service for your passport pictures is just the easiest way to go about this. A service will guarantee that the photos are approved and the reality is that the cost is nowhere near as much as you may think, which will be a small price to pay for less hassle and instant success with your images.

And so in conclusion, there is nothing to stop you from getting your phone and your printer out and taking your own image to go on your passport, but there seems to be little point or benefit that you can get from doing so.