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Booking in advance could save your holiday

Poor planning is one of the fastest ways to kill a holiday, no matter where you are or how big your budget is. There’s only so much time and money you can put into a holiday before it starts to feel like a waste, and you might have no choice but to spend even more money to get back home if you mess things up.

If you want to save money and avoid stress while you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself, then it’s a good idea to start booking things in advance. There are a lot of reasons why this can help, but some are much more obvious than others:

You can secure everything early

One of the holiday downers is seeing the words “sold out” over an event you really wanted to see. By reserving seats straight away and getting yourself tickets a few weeks early, you can make sure that you’ll be able to walk straight in and enjoy the show without any hassle.

This also lets you avoid the problem of having to get overpriced tickets from shady online re-sellers, some of which might be trying to scam you or sell off stolen goods before they’re caught.

You’ll save money on the journey

Most holiday and trail companies will encourage you to book ahead of time: they can only manage so much at once, and they’d struggle to keep up if customers kept turning up out of nowhere to buy same-day tickets or flights. Discounts will start popping up a month or two before each peak season, so try to get your tickets early before they push everything back to full price.

Even if money isn’t a problem for you, it can open up some extra opportunities – you might be able to upgrade to a better seat class on your flight or get a better cabin on a cruise, since the discounts can push the prices closer to what you’d pay for a normal ticket.

You won’t make rushed decisions

Rushing your holiday preparations can lead to all kinds of awful problems, including important documents getting left behind or people buying tickets for the wrong flights. You shouldn’t get stressed out over something that’s meant to help you relax: take your time and double-check everything before you leave.

It’s also much easier to choose between different companies or services when you’re not hurrying to catch a flight. Having the time to compare hotel prices, transport fares and other necessary costs will make it easier to balance your holiday budget before your trip’s even begun.

You can start holidaying early

If you get everything arranged two weeks in advance, then you have two weeks with nothing to worry about – you might not be going on your ‘actual’ trip straight away, but you can still use those two weeks to relax and get yourself in the holidaying mood.

If that doesn’t interest you, then the extra free time might be useful for workaholics or hobbyists that want to get their personal projects done before they leave the country: that way, when they get home, they won’t feel like there’s another commitment waiting for them.