Best Vans for Road Trips

The idea of the perfect summer road trip can differ for different people. However, the one thing we all know you need for the best road trip, is the best vehicle. Here are some of the best vans for your ideal summer road trip.

Volkswagen Transporter

This van is perfect for a group of friends on an adventure. With lots of space and comfort, you can fit all your summer essentials in as well as having the best road trip naps ever. There’s an infotainment system and adaptive cruise control, this van is an all-rounder!

Ford Transit

Ford vans are reliable and affordable, and the transit model is the go to for many road trippers. You can fit endless amounts of junk in the trunk, and look cool doing it. This van is pleasant to drive also, so it’s not so daunted driving for long periods of time each day.

Kia Sorento

This mid-sized SUV is perfect for a family road trip. It is incredibly spacious and comfortable. Smaller than the vans previously listed, the Sorento is stylish and speedy. However, the latest models have proved quite pricey, starting at £30,000.

Toyota Sienna

Although this minivan may not give you the trendiest look for your road trip, it’s practicality over style. With lots of seats and generous space for bags, this one is perfect for a larger group of people.

Eden Commercials stock a huge range of vans on their forecourt, they say “the perfect road trip van needs to be comfortable, as you’ll be spending a lot of time in there. But also it needs to feel good to drive, otherwise you’re not going to want to drive for long periods of time! We recommend a Ford Transit van, as these have the perfect mix of comfort, space and feel good factor.”

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