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Best Cruise Destinations

Source: USA-Reiseblogger on Pixabay

Cruises are a fantastic way to get out and see the world if you want to stay in the lap of luxury the whole time with a whole host of activities and events on board to excite and entertain. Whether you attend a show each evening or play card games in the casino or simply walk the promenades to explore the ship, cruises can be a great way to get away from it all while still staying comfortable and happy. Sound like your ideal idea of a holiday? Check out these great cruise destinations and routes you should consider for your next getaway.


When it comes to cruises, cruises to the Caribbean are some of the most popular. There are also cruises which traverse the Panama Canal which are just as popular and give you a really good look into the life and culture of Central America. Destinations throughout the Caribbean vary vastly, as to the standards of the cruises – whether you’re looking for ultra luxury or budget cruises, there’s something to accommodate everyone’s needs. On top of this, if you’re looking for family friendly cruises, the Caribbean is the place to start. Not only are some cruises totally family friendly, but the Caribbean is where Disney’s cruiseline operates, combining the convenience and class of a cruise with the fun, character based excitement of Disneyworld. What could be better?


Who doesn’t like the thought of navigating through glaciers and icebergs, watching them float by from the comfort of your cabin on an Alaskan cruise? Cruises to this part of the world are hugely popular – not usually for the weather as it can be somewhat chilly, even in summer – but more for the scenery of rocky cliffs, rugged coastline, glaciers, icebergs and small Alaskan towns that you happen across on your journey from Vancouver, BC through to Juneau or Anchorage. With a whole variety of prices and budgets on both the cruise itself and excursions, a cruise to Alaska can be the perfect way to experience and explore North America’s west coast.


Now this is where it gets really exciting. Med cruises are some of the most well known, sought after and enjoyed cruises in the world. Who wouldn’t like cruising around the temperate Mediterranean on board a top luxury liner? Popular destinations include France, Spain, Italy, Greece and other Balkan nations like Croatia, Slovenia, Albania and Montenegro. Cruises can be done on huge thousand person liners or smaller vessels, but they all provide ample opportunities to experience the area from the lap of luxury through the use of amazing excursions which will introduce you to the culture, cuisine and people of the Mediterranean. 

Med cruises can be taken from almost any Mediterranean country, depending what you want. They also vastly range in length and price with various excursions usually costing extra. Never fear though – Mediterranean cruises are an ideal way to experience this varied and vast part of the world. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of island hopping by boat?

Rhine River

Rhine River cruises are a fantastic way to experience the wilds of some of Germany without having to explore independently. Rhine River cruises take you on large riverboats with impressive accommodation down the Rhine River in Germany, past beautiful little Bavarian towns and through lush green countryside, stopping at predetermined points where you can get off the boat and explore small towns and villages, offering up excellent options in terms of cuisine, wine and beers. What more could you want? 


Asian cruises can be enormously varied and enjoyable. With so many amazing countries to explore by boat, Asian cruises are some of the most fun and in depth that you could possibly hope for. Asia is a huge area to cover, and by boat it allows you the ability to explore and experience a number of different regions that could be vastly different. Whether you choose to visit a combination of countries or just one or two, an Asian cruise is what the doctor ordered. There’s honestly something for everyone with these cruises, and with so many amazing excursions to be had on the likes of Bali, in Bangkok or in Hanoi, it’s easy to see why Asian cruises are so popular. 

So whether it’s your first time on a cruise or your fifteenth, hopefully this list of great cruising destinations will help you pick the next best cruise option for you. Book a cheap flight with Justfly to save money on flights to your departure port and enjoy every minute of exploring the world in style, comfort and class.