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Awesome Winter Holiday Ideas

Many people often find that this time of year everyone in the family is starting to get a bit of cabin fever. With the Christmas season over and done with and seemingly nothing going on for another few months until the weather gets better, it can seem like the winter is never ending and seriously boring. With that playing on your mind, it’s always a great time to start thinking about those amazing places you can travel to that will lift you out of the winter blues and inject some much needed life into your world. Here are some great last minute holiday ideas that will get you – and all the family – smiling through the snow.

Embrace The Snow

When you feel like you’ve had enough of winter and all you’ve seen for what feels like the las year is the white stuff, it can be a great time to remind yourself just what kinds of fun you can have in the snow. Find a last minute deal on a ski holiday – something the whole family can enjoy – and hit the slopes in the likes of the Alps for an adventure you won’t soon forget! A ski vacation can be one of the best ways to embrace winter what with the fun and skill you use to navigate different hills, all leading up to fantastic and fun apres ski entertainments such as bars, dining and family friendly activities in your warm chalet or around the resort. Plus, snow capped mountains are beautiful by day and night, so what’s not to like?

Something Warm

If you really can’t stand the weather anymore, consider spending a bit more money and heading somewhere a bit warmer. The later winter from January to March kind of timeframe (depending where you are) can be a great time for visiting places that are notoriously too hot in the summer such as Egypt, Morocco and Jordan. These countries are all unique in their own ways, with welcoming locals, beautiful scenery and amazing adventures just waiting to be had – and yes, they’re all perfectly safe!

Further Afield

Winter can be a bit of drag in your own country depending where you are, but it can be hugely fun in countries that are more winter friendly such as Scandinavia, Denmark or Canada. Canada frequently has outdoor festivals across the country with ice sculptures, hot cocoa, competitions and regional delicacies such as tire sur la niege, a type of maple taffy from hot, fresh maple syrup tapped from local trees, found only in Quebec and other eastern provinces.

City Breaks

At the end of the day, city breaks are a great way to beat the winter doldrums if money is tight but you’re dying for a bit of excitement. There are numerous city breaks you can take off to at the last minute such as Prague, Paris, Berlin or Amsterdam, all of which have great architecture, history and make a great weekend getaway destination. Sip luscious cocktails overlooking medieval squares and buildings, or cosy up by a fire in an authentic local pub with a glass of ghluwein.

With winter still with us awhile, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about a bit of a getaway from home to either embrace the snow and cold with a skiing trip or to get away from it for a bit to somewhere a bit warmer. While winter has its perks, so does the heat – but at the end of the day, summer’s on its way anyway! We may as well enjoy winter while we’ve got it!