Always Put Safety First: Sensible Vacation Safety Strategies

It is always going to be your aim to have a carefree and stress-free vacation and for that to happen you do have to think about a few sensible safety strategies in place.

Here are some pointers on how to improve your personal safety on holiday while still being able to relax and enjoy your time away.

There is a look at some of the key things you have to consider and do before you leave your home and start your vacation, some sensible security precautions, tips for using social media, plus suggestions on how to act and look like a local.

Travel safety begins at home

The first point to remember is that you don’t want to return back home and discover that your property has been violated, so make sure you ask neighbors or friends to keep an eye on the property and try to stop any deliveries that might stack up on the porch.

Uncollected mail stacked up is an obvious sign that the owners are away, so consider how to protect your property from burglars while you are away.

After you have considered your options for keeping your home safe in your absence your attention should turn to a few security basics that can help you deal with some common potential issues.

Make copies of your ID and passport so that you have the relevant information available to give to the embassy or consulate if you need their assistance after getting your documents stolen.

Your aim is always to keep these valuable documents safe and secure while traveling but it makes sense to have a backup if you unfortunate to lose them or have them stolen.

Keeping your cash and valuables secure

Aim to reduce the contents of your wallet before you go and leave any cards that you are unlikely to use at home rather than carrying them with you.

If you are staying at somewhere like the Greenbelt Marriott Maryland there will be options available to secure your valuables in a safe or some other suitable security arrangements that you could use rather than carrying important documents like your passport around with you.

Sharing your travel news online

Broadcasting your travel plans and providing useful information to criminals about your movements is not a good idea which is why you should be wary about revealing these details on social media.

Even if you are security-savvy and have made use of the privacy settings on sites like Facebook and Twitter, there is always the risk that personal data could be seen by the wrong people as well as your friends and family.

Blend in

You might be a tourist but the aim should always be to try and avoid looking like one.

If you dress and talk like a tourist you can make yourself more vulnerable to scammers and thieves who are always on the lookout for targets in most major cities.

Do a bit of homework beforehand and familiarize yourself with the area so that you don’t have to walk around with a map in your hand, and if you are visiting an area with a different culture make sure you check out dress codes, so that you don’t offend the locals and also manage to blend in.

These simple but effective strategies before and during your stay can help you to stay safe and hopefully enjoy a trouble-free vacation.

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