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7 Tips on How to Teach Children to Ski

A fun day skiing with your children in a snow-packed slope is sure to create very good memories for the entire family. It is a great way to have a good time, be active outdoors, and even travel together.

One good activity to bond over is skiing. But before you can enjoy your time on the slopes, you have to teach your kids how to ski. Looking for ways to get started? The tips below should give you some good ideas.

  1. Play in the snow

No lessons, no nothing – just play with your kids in the snow! This helps children become familiar with how snow feels and moves. The more comfortable they are with it, the better experience they will have on the slopes.

  1. Get a certified instructor to teach the kids

You may argue that teaching kids how to ski is relatively simple. But if you want them to learn faster and more efficiently with proper technique and safety, it is best to get a certified instructor from a good ski school.

Instructors design a program for your children that allow them to learn at their own level and pace. Still, you can and should work with your children to improve their skiing by reviewing what they’ve learned and having fun together.

  1. Choose perfect weather days

When it is time to hit the slopes, time it when the weather is just right. Your child is likely to enjoy skiing more when he or she is not freezing because it’s too cold.

  1. Have the right equipment

There are loads to choose from but having the right ones make all the difference. These include a coat, ski pants, a pair of skis, neck gators, long underwear, wool ski socks, gloves and glove liners, helmets, goggles, and ski boots. Make sure that they all fit right, especially the ski boots.

To make it easier for your children, let them wear the ski gear, particularly the ski boots, around the house. This ensures they will not be uncomfortable once everyone is on the mountain.

Also, stay organized. Have an equipment bag for each child and teach them to be responsible for their stuff.

  1. Start slow

Children usually start on the magic carpet. It is a conveyer belt on the snow that’s sort of a bunny hill. From here, the next step is the beginner chair. Inform the operators that your child may require some assistance getting on and off the chair as well.

Even better, you can introduce your kids to skating before skiing. Let them try ice skating or in-line skating so they develop an idea about dynamic balance. It will help them to prepare physically for skiing.

  1. Teach them that falling is okay

At the start, kids spend most of their time falling on the snow and that is fine. It is important that they are not afraid to understand that falling is a part of skiing.

  1. Stress safety

Beginners slope can still be a dangerous place if you aren’t careful. It is filled with people who do not know how to ski or at least have just learned how to. Always be aware of what’s going on around you and teach the kids to pay attention to their surroundings.