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6 Must-have Gears For Travelling Photographers

Photography is a passion for some, a hobby for others and a profession for most. However, when it comes to taking a travelling trip, there are a number of essentials required by the photographer so that he doesn’t get caught up during emergencies. For instance, what would you do if it started raining, or the camera battery dies, or even when you run out of space? When such situations arise, we tend to ponder on the importance of planning a photography trip with the necessary essentials. Here, I will take you through 6 of the must-have gears for travelling photographers who aspire this art!

6 Best Gears For Travel

#1. A digital camera

Now, one of the first and most important things is to carry a digital camera when you travel. It is by default the first thing we need when taking this trip. Today, the price of a digital camera is somewhat affordable and even worth it. For example, a Nikon Coolpix camera does the job perfectly and doesn’t cost anything more than $150. It does the job well and won’t even cost you a fortune.

#2. A hard drive/memory card

Needless to say, a hard drive is necessary when you need a back-up for the images you have taken, and what better way than to save it up on a hard drive! If you can’t seem to find a hard drive, then there is always another option where you can buy a memory card that stores vast amount of data. Digital technology is on the rise and the smallest pieces of storage media will surprise you with the large amount of data it is capable of storing. So don’t judge the memory card by its size, it may as well end up leaving you in awe!

#3. USB charger

At times, some photography locations tend to run low on electricity, or even most of the camp sites may not have generators for charging your equipment (in this case, the camera). Therefore I suppose the easiest way out of this one is to own a USB charger that allows you to feed power to your multiple equipment at once, since they always have more than one outlet. In case you end up at a hotel/motel that provides you with electricity, charge up your USB charger! You may never know what the next location has in store for you!

#4. Field Pouch

An organized bag is the core of photography trips. I mean how would it feel if you are travelling for photography expenditure and end up getting frustrated just by looking for the equipment that’s all over your luggage? This is solved by a field pouch, which usually has pockets in it that allows you to separate the photography gear from your normal gear, preventing mix-ups. So when it’s time to finally go and capture some scenic landscapes, all you need to carry with you is a field pouch!

#5. Camera rain cover

The need of a rain cover beats all the gears, since it’s hard to tell when it will pour down again, despite the weather forecasts! In such a scenario, you’d rather have a rain cover for the camera to prevent your gear from being damaged by water (unless its waterproof). However, some precipitation is never a bad thing because photography in the rain allows you to capture nature’s finest pictures, often making you realize what you would have otherwise missed. I bet you have seen a couple of shots taken in the rain, and my word, they look mesmerizing! So don’t be afraid to take a little trip to such a place where rain is an everyday thing.

#6. Cleaning equipment

It is quite obvious that travelling means lots of dust particles, sand and dirt which keep appearing on the lenses, especially when you are hiking. This interferes with your pictures and shots, and often makes them appear blurry or with dust particles. The last and most vital thing you may require is a puffer. This does the job of keeping your lenses and mirrors clean and spotless!

Once you have the above mentioned equipment with you while taking that most awaited photography trip, trust me, you are going to have the most wonderful experience! Just learn all the controls on your camera and make sure that you keep practicing on it as that’s the key to great photography. Once this is accomplished, you are already off to a great photography expedition! Happy Photographic Trip and don’t forget to show off the great shots you take!

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