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5 Ways to Personalize Travel & Hospitality Campaigns


Are you looking to run an ad campaign and you want to know the perfect way to maximise reach for your travel and hospitality business? It may sound daunting, but don’t underestimate the immense power of personalisation! Personalisation is really simple to do and has massive impacts, with many businesses just like yours finding they have far more conversions when the customer feels valued and like they’re considered a friend. Here are the top ways to personalise an ad campaign.

Use Subscribers Names

This will help create the image of receiving an email from a trusted friend. This has been proven to help generate more leads and create more conversions. Use names in headers, the body of the email and in images for maximum effect.

Create Segmented Mailing Lists

Segmented mailing lists help you send relevant content to all your subscribers. You can segment your subscriber lists through things like destination preferences and gender to tailor advertising specific to these groups.

Encourage Your Subscribers To Join Specific, Relevant Newsletters

By sharing relevant blogs and newsletters, your subscribers will select which ones they want to learn more about, helping you to customise the content they get sent. This is especially helpful for travel and hospitality – so people can choose information on destinations they are specifically interested in.

Create Dynamic Content

Great content helps create eye catching and informative emails that are relevant to individual subscribers.

Collect Data

Use permission based data collection to allow your customers to share updated information to help streamline your ad campaigns and processes.

So if you’ve been looking for a great way to customise a campaign to make it the ultimate marketing success, hopefully these tips will go a long way to making it easier than ever to build the perfect advertising plan. Good luck!