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5 Overlooked Things You Need Before Embarking On Your South Dakota RV Trip

South Dakota is filled with truly excellent RV camping locations, but just like any RV trip, preparation is key before you actually leave.

Part of that preparation will need to consist of packing certain items that you’ll either want or need for that trip…and there are certain items that are commonly overlooked by other RV travelers but that you’ll want to be sure you bring along.

Here are five overlooked things you definitely need before embarking on your South Dakota RV trip:

1 – Portable Wi-Fi Router

A wi-fi router won’t be necessary if you truly want to go off the grid on your trip. But if you want to stay connected or if you’ll need to get any work done, a router is definitely something you will need.

Yes, several campgrounds offer free wi-fi, but oftentimes the connection is weak or unreliable. Your next alternative would be any place in town that offers free wi-fi, but that’s not as convenient as a router.

2 – Outdoor Folding Table

Will you want to eat any meals outdoors? If so, then you’ll definitely want an outdoor folding table that you can fold up and stow away in your RV and then pull out and set up when the time comes to set up camp.

You can also use your folding table to play games, to hold items up off the ground, and so on. A quality folding table shouldn’t cost you more than $40.

3 – Roadside Assistance Coverage

Hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but if you do need a toad, you’ll be more than happy that you had membership in a roadside assistance program.

At a cost of $100 to $150 a year on average, roadside assistance coverage will not only provide towing to the closest repair facility, it will also pay for the cost to fix your RV.

4 – Sewer Hose

Yes, your RV should come with a sewer hose, but chances are it’s a rather flimsy and low quality model. This means that the chance of it rupturing or sustaining other kinds of damage is a real possibility, and that’s a mess that nobody wants to deal with.

It’s for this reason that a high quality RV sewer hose will be a wise investment. Normally they cost around $50.

5 – Dehumidifier

It’s easy for moisture to accumulate inside an RV, especially after taking a shower or if it’s raining with the vent open.

Moisture indoors is rarely a good thing, and a dehumidifier is a cheap investment (usually no more than $30) that will work wonders to prevent moisture from accumulating in your motorhome. 

Embarking On Your Trip

Obviously there are several more items you will need to pack for your RV trip, but the five items that we have covered in this article are among the five most overlooked things you will definitely be glad you had.