5 Must Visit Beach Resorts in the World

The 2017 witnessed record heat in many countries worldwide. To beat the warmth, people did whatever they could. Seeing the past few years trend, it is likely 2018 will also be hot!  One great way to spend your summer vacations in a fun, enjoyable, and recreational way is to visit a beach resort, especially if you’ve never been to one before. The cool sand, the scent of the palm trees, the freshness in the air, all these things will give you an experience of the lifetime! Recently, we shared some places in Singapore for tourists. But now we want to extend that list to world-wide level. Here are some suggestions for beach resorts. These are a mix of luxury, affordable and world class resorts, and we promise each one will be worth it!

Mancora Marina Hotel, Peru

Mancora Marina Hotel is an internationally recognized Hotel featuring a dazzling beach resort. You can go whale watching and dolphin watching here too. Another great feature exclusive to this resort is that you can go deep-sea fishing on the hotel’s private yacht. Also, this place is quite affordable. Make sure you check this one out!

Waikoloa Beach Resort

How can there be a talk of resorts and Hawaii goes unmentioned? Of course, one of the best resorts at Hawaii include Waikoloa Beach resort, which features the best things one can do at Hawaii beach. A large array of activities are available for the visitors including Scavenger Hunts, Talk Story, the Art of Hula, and so on. Waikoloa beach resort can turn out to be a great visit, do try them.

Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa

Victoria Hoi An Beach resort is one of its kind in the whole world based in Vietnam, where visitors from disparate locations come every year to have some relaxation time. The activities offered by the resort are eccentric and true its own spirit, giving everyone a very unique experience. Sidecar adventures to borders, a refreshing trip to countryside, and so on. You can even get sailing lessons here. What else could you ask for!

Be Playa, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The Be Playa beach resort in Mexico has an ambience that will veer you into its magic as soon as you reach there. The white platform beds, the typographic murals, and other things give off an aura one can’t really resist. What’s really flabbergasting is that you get to design the room you’re going to stay in, even before you reach the resort! The lustful oasis, the sushi club, the boutique hotel and the ultimate feel of sophistication in the air will leave you dumfounded when you reach there.

Beach House, Canada

Canada’s landscapes and the cool sandy beach engender such a seductive environment that anyone who can afford to visit this resort should really go. The two white cottages and seven dark brown suites blend in aesthetically with the red cape style mansion to give you the ultimate look. If you’ve never done kayaking or you’re just into them, remember to rent a kayak for a trip to Cape Broyle, where you can find excruciating coves and dazzling waterfalls.

These were just some suggestions if you’re out looking to spend a good summer at some beach resort in the coming year. You may check out the websites of these resorts, to see more features. You can book your visit online too, so what’re you waiting for…?  Happy Resorting!

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