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3 Reasons to Photo Journal Your Gap Year Traveling the World

If you are just about to graduate from high school and are intent on taking a gap year to travel the world before buckling down to the rigors of college life, you might want to consider planning months before that long-awaited day arrives. It’s all well and good to take that time off, especially if you aren’t locked into a scholarship that demands you register for the upcoming term, but what you do with that time can influence the rest of your life. At this point, you really should consider putting together a photo journal of that gap year experience and here are a few very good reasons why.

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1. Memories to Last a Lifetime

One of the things you will notice later in life is that memories fade over time. Even those delightful moments on your nomadic gap year adventure will begin to elude you as you get into the grind of everyday life in the fast lane. For the next four to eight (or more!) years, you will be buckling down to your studies. After that, you will be focused on finding the perfect job and making a name for yourself in your chosen profession. By photo journaling your gap year trip, those memories will become indelible because you’ll have those pictures to tell the story over and over again.

2. You Never Know What You Might Capture

You don’t need to be a photography student to appreciate the value of that one random shot, which can land itself on the cover of some renowned magazine like National Geographic. Being in the right place at the right time just might afford you that opportunity and you should also know that pictures picked up by syndications can net you a pretty penny. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that money in reserve for your years in school? Also, you might want to consider listing your travel photos on a stock photography site, so that you can earn residual income over time. You really never know when you just might be in the right place at the right time to capture an award-winning shot.

3. Snapshots of Possibilities

Another really important reason to photo journal that trip is to give you snapshots of possibilities. Before you decided to take that gap year, you may have made up your mind what you’d like to study, but those snapshots just might lead you in new directions. Many gap year adventurers have noted that upon returning home and sharing those photos with family and friends, they realized they have been called in a totally new direction. Perhaps seeing animals in their natural habitat led you to pursue veterinary medicine while shots of evening skies in all their colorful glory made you want to learn more about why those colors change with the weather. Never thought of becoming a meteorologist? Observing nature through the view of a lens could very well lead you in that direction.

The whole point of that nomadic gap year is to give you time to reflect on the meaning of life and what you want to do with it when it’s time to return home again. By photo journaling your time on the road, you will remember all those experiences, which may lead you in new and uncharted directions. If for no other reason, those photos will last a lifetime, even when your memories fade.