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Why Staying in Manhattan Isn’t Necessary. Brooklyn is Cheaper & Better

Source: Unsplash | Matthew LeJune

New York is no doubt the biggest city in the world and the US. However, some think it to be overrated, but the reality is when you visit the city you’ll see the truth. New York is a city with everything you’ll ever want to be in a city.

Most of the people working in NYC live in Manhattan. It is the most densely populated borough of New York. Choosing where to stay between Manhattan and Brooklyn can be a tough choice to make. However, what makes it easier to settle on the decision is the cost of living. For an average New Yorker, can find it hard adjusting as NYC standard of living is 68% higher. As if that was not enough, in Manhattan it is double that of national average according to SmartAsset. Shockingly, there are some other areas of Manhattan that are more expensive than others. For example, places like Battery Park City is over 52% which is higher than an average Manhattan dweller.

So, to avoid the high living standard, NYC residents and visitors are preferring borough of Brooklyn. The Condor is a boutique hotel that you should not fail to try as not only provides you with a friendly budget, but the services are super good and one of Brooklyn finest. Here are the reasons Brooklyn should be on your list of cheap places to stay when on vacation.

Bklyn House Hotel

If you are on a budget, this hotel is a good fit for you as not only does it provide you with high-end services, but also the strategic position is easy for any guest to locate. You will only spend 3 minutes’ walk accessing it from the subway stop and 5 miles from the famous Brooklyn Bridge. The rooms are classic with an inviting décor that while inside by the look is worth more than the charges they offer you. The rooms are placed where you can see the view of the city; they have a big-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, a spacious sitting area with beautiful comfortable sofas, coffeemakers, and a bed that will comfort your night to the maximum. The other extras you enjoy are 24-hour concierge service, complimentary continental breakfast, gym, laundry service, and a business center just in case you want to do some transaction.

Q4 Hotel

Q4 hotel is another budget-friendly place to stay during your business visit as the price is below $90, with good extras. It is a 3-storey hotel, which is open to outstate guests only and placed 3 blocks from the subway. The hotel has mixed and single dorms using a shared bathroom, but if you prefer private suite they are there as well. For amenities, you get a computer and printer to continue with your work especially any business meeting you may have in town or at the hotel. The Wi-Fi is free, security is guaranteed, laundry services, TV lounge, comfortable beds, it is air-conditioned, dining options, cafes; you also have access to a shared kitchen and many other benefits. Here is not where you confuse cheap with poor services, but the experience at Q4 is different.

Hotel Le Jolie

Le Jolie is a boutique hotel which lies at Brooklyn, neighboring Williamsburg. From Lorimer St/Metropolitan Ave subway station, you will only take a 5-minute walk to this outstanding hotel fitting for any local and international guest. If you prefer testing the local dishes outside, the shops and places to test some eateries are only 9 minutes’ walk to Bedford Avenue. The hotel offers you with a budget you cannot turn down, $150 which gives you access to services you’d want in any good classic hotel. The rooms are modern and colorful offering free Wi-Fi, mini-fridges and huge flat screens. You can also request upgraded rooms where you can have access to a view of Manhattan skyline from your comfort. Other goodies to enjoy at Le Jolie are a business center, free continental breakfast buffet, off-street parking, bar, spa, restaurant, gym, smoke-free property and many more.


You can realize hotels in Brooklyn provide you with benefits you cannot regret at an affordable budget. The same services at Manhattan will cost an arm and a leg. So, you can see the life in Brooklyn is not only friendly to NYC dwellers but also to international guests. Brooklyn is in recent years booming, even though prices have gone up when you compare to a few years back, it is not equal to Manhattan whose budget is way above many guests wishing to spend more days enjoying the New York suburb view.