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What is the Cheapest Way to Accept Credit Cards for Your Business?


When it comes to accepting credit cards, many business owners find that merchant account companies want to charge fees that are unaffordable. Yet, you must process credit and debit card payments in order to keep track with the needs of consumers. So what do you do? Thankfully, there is a solution for credit card processing that is affordable and can help you to meet your customer transaction needs. Merchant Account Solutions is a service company that can help you set up merchant accounts and begin the process of accepting credit and debit cards within your business. With a merchant account, you have instant access to your funds and can easily go about your day to day business dealings with ease.

Quality POS Solutions

At MAS, you have the ability to use a POS solution that works best for your business. Clover POS systems are just one example of what MAS provides. With Clover, you have the option to go mobile with a simple card reader or tablet device. You can also use the full Clover Station in order to have access to a full register, offering you the ability to handle customer transactions with ease.

Each system type offers quality features that will help your business run smoothly each and every day. The options provided by MAS are quite affordable as they require no contract or no setup fee, with free equipment. Forget about signing extensive contracts with no way to stop services. You won’t want to stop working with MAS but will find the no contact option a revolutionary way of completing credit card transactions.

With no setup fee and free equipment, you can use your hard earned money on marketing to bring in customers now that you offer credit and debit card payment options!