Theme Parks Which Will rock Your World in Florida

Florida is known for many things when it comes to tourism, it is known for its beautiful weather, its vast range of golf courses, its beaches, its marshy Everglades and above all, its phenomenal theme parks.

Each year millions of tourists flock to the Sunshine State for a fortnight of family fun and without question,  a visit to one or more of the state’s theme parks is what is of the highest priority when it comes to the agenda. If you are heading to Florida and looking to entertain the kids or let out your inner child, here are the theme parks which will rock your world.

Disney World

The absolute ultimate when it comes to theme parks is Disney World in Florida, a theme park which over the years has consistently raised the bar in terms of what a theme park can be. The park is actually a complex which is broken down into three main parks, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. You can by a park hopper ticket which will allow you entrance to all four parks or you can buy individual park tickets depending on how much time you have, and how much you want to see. Magic Kingdom is where all of the Disney characters can be found so if you are traveling with kids then this is where you should start.

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens in Tampa is one of the most exciting them parks in Florida, it is based around the idea of the African bush and each ride is themed to a particular animal which you would likely find on a safari. The theme park does not just have high octane rides, it also features a wide variety of wild animals such as cheetah, elephants and tigers which you can get up close and personal with.

Universal Studios

The Universal Studios complex is an absolute must for any film fan and this the theme park within it is dedicated to the movies. You can find rides here such as King Kong, The Mummy, The Simpsons and Harry Potter which take you into the movies themselves and let you play a key part of the story as you are thrown, whisked and raced through the sets.


One of Florida’s most popular theme parks is Seaworld, an aquatic-based them park which lets you explore beneath the depths. Here you will find plenty of rides based on your favorite sea creatures and you can also go to see whale and dolphin shows which will blow your mind. There is plenty to learn during a trip here and you can get up close and personal with the marine life in the aquarium or even go swimming with dolphins. Any marine life lover should make this theme park their number one priority.

Make sure that you plan well ahead of time before going to the theme parks as many of them will get booked up early, and it is easy to see why.

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