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James Feldkamp – Six Reasons You Simply Must Visit San Francisco

From the great food scene to movie-reminiscent bars and the most spectacular landscapes, bridges, and streets on hills,  the reasons for visiting San Francisco outweigh the reasons not to. After all isn’t it the city that saves the USA?  Here are six reasons to visit San Francisco and the Bay Area by travel winter James Feldkamp  

1) Food.

San Francisco’s food scene is committed to brilliance and outright excellence and has more three-Michelin starred restaurants than New York. With the huge production of fruits, vegetables, seafood, and livestock in surrounding areas in California, chefs are able to create fresh authentic meals that are enjoyed by both locals and tourists. With so much production of these ingredients local chefs can create the freshest and most authentic meals, delectable for tourists and locals alike.

2) Exploring the Landscape 

San Francisco is located at the tip of a peninsula, bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Bay, it is no small wonder therefore that it is blessed with spectacular vistas. Many locations offer opportunities with spectacular views, doing more than encouraging hikers to take upon endless adventures. A former military post, The Presidio, now holds the status of national park site and it is a recreational haven possessing breath-taking views, enticing trails, and rich architectural treasures

3) The Diversity of Neighborhoods.

The diversity in San Francisco is noticeable by the block, it is an eclectic city brimming with people from every imaginable background and ethnicity; it is the possessor of rich history, great culture, and incredible diversity. Just going through the local neighborhoods and experiencing the different cultures makes for quite an unforgettable ride.

4) Sports

For sports lovers, the AT&T park in baseball season should be right up your alley, this between April and October. San Francisco’s Major league baseball team, the Giants, will be sure to thrill you and make you cheer on. American sports are great to watch and even if you are not into sports, the razzmatazz  here is sight to behold.

5) Tiki Bars

San Francisco is one of the largest wine producers in the world, sampling the local liquid alchemical concoctions is a must. Alternative bars are a dime a dozen throughout the city, offering themed experiences such as tiki-themed lounges, serving Mai Tai cocktail, a tiki drink said to have been created at Trader Vic’s in Oakland in San Francisco’s East Bay.

6) San Francisco And Beyond

Take a day tour out of the city into the surrounding wine country, America’s premier viticultural region, for it has earned a reputation as one of the best. Get your taste buds drenched in regional varietals at different wineries in Napa Valley or Sonoma County, especially Napa Valley’s famous Cabernet Sauvignon, or Sonoma’s widely grown Chardonnay.

This is just a handful of the many reasons why you need to go to San Francisco as soon as possible, a truly brilliant city.