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Head to Busy Boston City for One of the Country


Boston is one of the most beautiful cities in all of the USA. If you have booked yourself on an East Coast bus tour vacation, then you may even be able to go here. What is so interesting about Boston, besides its fantastic history and culture, is the Boston Common. This is a public park right in the heart of the city itself, next to the public garden. It is also the oldest park in the country. In fact, it was a pasture back in the 17th century. It is almost 50 acres big, starting at the Freedom Trail. Boston is home to the “Emerald Necklace”, a chain of greens and parks that are all connected together, and the Boston Common is its anchor. You can literally walk from one park or green in Boston and visit each of its neighborhoods!

A History of the Boston Common

The Boston Common has been used by humans for a lot of different things. In the 1630s, cattle would graze here. In the 18th century, the British used it as a military camp. Later, it became the site for many public executions, hanging criminals from the many oaks that the park is home to. In 1769, proper gallows were constructed. Meanwhile, in 1713, a group of Bostonians congregated here to express their anger against the city’s food shortages. And, during the 1960s, students would congregate here in protest of the Vietnam War. Pope John Paul II and Martin Luther King all spoke publicly in the Boston Common.

Today, the Boston Common is a recreational park. Concerts are often organized here, as are soft ball games and various meetings. It is home to a large artificial lake, where people can gather and relax while feeding the various water fowl. You can also hire a swan boat and enjoy the lake itself. It also has a number of historical attractions, most notable the Massachusetts State House. This is found at the north of the Common, and it is where the state government sits.

Do also visit the Soldiers and Sailors monument, which is not to be missed. It was erected in 1877 to commemorate the work of the armed forces. Another Civil War relic in the park is the Robert Gould Shaw monument, which was erected to honor the 54th Regiment, the Union Army’s first free black regiment. In 1855 Paris, the World Exposition fountain was constructed, and Boston Common is home to the Brewer Fountain, which is an exact replica of it. You could spend hours looking at its intricate carvings of Acis, Amphitrite, Galatea, and Neptune.

The Boston Common is in the heart of the city. Hence, it is close from the city’s hotels, restaurants, and other forms of accommodation. If you are on an East Coast bus tour, then your accommodation will be arranged for you, but it is likely that it will be near the park itself. Hence, don’t miss the opportunity to explore it.