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Great Red Rock Climbing Sites in the United States

America is a landscape that holds many natural wonders, but nothing as striking as the natural red rock formations throughout the nation. There are literally thousands of red rock sites and landmarks to visit in the United States, so many it could take months to road trip to all of them. This might be a worthwhile adventure, if one has the free time. Still for rock climbing and natural majesty, there are a few choices of red rock monuments that should not be missed by travelers.

The three chosen for this article are so amazing, they will make memories that could never be outshined. This author has explored each many times and can attest to what wonders await the adventurous climber at all three locations. Please take this list to heart and put visiting them on your list of traveling destinations while taking the scenic routes through America. Enjoy the wilderness as you travel, blessed be.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

This area of Colorado is filled with surprises. To start with it is the location of the Cheyanne Mountain military base, which opens up the entire side of the mountain during special operations, it is quite a site to see. For rock climbers, Colorado Springs has numerous red rock sites within short distances from the main urban areas.

There are parks, bike trails and urban open spaces that allow for less vigorous climbing. Garden of the Gods is an amazing red rock site sitting right in the middle of the urban landscape, a noteworthy place to go right away. The famous outdoor Red Rocks Ampetheatre is an equally stunning use of the natural landscape that should not be missed, especially during the non-event days. Other sites raved about by serious climbers include North Cheyenne Canyon, Williams’ Canyon, Mt. Manitou and the infamous Pike’s Peak.

Zion National Park, Utah

Zion is an excellent example of how red rock terrain blends with any natural landscape, to create something mythical as the forest and skies meet. Zion Park is a wonderful place just to camp or take a more relaxing vacation stay, but it is also the prime real estate for true rock climbing aficionados. This valley is the location of an ultimate climbers experience, one of the tallest sites in the nation called Touchstone Wall. Other points worth visiting include Angel’s Landing, Moonlight Buttress and Prodigal Sun, along with hundreds of other local red rock canyon sites. As a National Park, Zion is a federally managed region and climbers should be prepared for fees or permits.

Campers should consider staying outdoors at the Watchman Campground, or for those preferring an indoor adventure, Zion Lodge is highly recommended. Free camping is available in many areas of the park, as well. A warning for climbing expeditions, much of the park is red rock mixed with sandstone and when it rains the climbing can become surface dangerous very quickly. Be sure to pay attention to all local signs or warnings from the ranger stations, there is nothing worse than being caught stranded by a landslide during a storm. Careful is the optimum word of the day in Zion National Park.

Sedona, Arizona

Being a center for the New Age and a sacred land area to several local Native American tribes is only the beginnings of what Sedona offers travelers. The area is a site of multiple electric, magnetic and electro-magnetic vortexes. People come to meditate amid the wonderful red rock landscape, which actually has one of the cleanest skies in America, as these natural vortexes keep Sedona practically free of all air pollution. Be sure to pick up a map, because every site is hidden away within the complex winding roads throughout greater Sedona. This will save you many twists and turns that could make driving challenging.

For camping purposes, there is no better red rock terrain than the massive Oak Creek Canyon landscape. It is beautiful to watch the clear starry skies at night from the base of the canyon at night, but also makes for wonderful hiking trails that go deep into the forest during the daylight. Other fantastic sites to visit while in Sedona for rock climbing are Bell Tower, Castle Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa and Slide Rock which actually is a natural water slide during the Springtime. Sedona is arguably the most picturesque and energizing red rock site in all the American wilderness. It is a favorite site for travelers to visit from all over the world. Take time to see it, but plan for a few days stay to see it all.

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