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Glo Has the Best Online Yoga Classes

Doing yoga on a weekly basis can be amazing for your health. Not only does it tone your body, but it helps you improve your mental health as well. However, spending hundreds of dollars on a studio membership can often feel like a drag, especially if you are on a tight budget.

However, it can also get incredibly boring trying to do the same yoga DVD week after week. The repeated poses and viewings can lead you to just pass over your mat to do something else. Luckily, most online yoga classes are much cheaper than traditional studios and they have more variety than a DVD. The best online yoga classes allow you to keep up your yoga practice without making you yawn! Glo is one of the best online yoga classes that have hundreds of different classes for all different levels. If you want something more gentle that is focused on stretching, Glo has a number of different classes. If you are advanced and want to tone your muscles while increasing flexibility, Glo also has classes for you. If you want to ramp up your meditation classes to reap the relaxation benefits, they also have hundreds of meditation classes available. The best online yoga classes come from Glo!

What are the benefits of doing yoga though? It can be easy to forget that yoga is more than just a workout trend that started in the 2000s. It has been practiced for thousands of years and has a number of mental and physical benefits for your health.

Yoga Can Improve Your Bone Health

Yoga can help strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis like many weight-bearing exercises. The poses help strengthen your bones by making you lift your own weight. Postures like Downward Dog and Upward-Facing Dog are created to help strengthen the bones of your arm. Your arm bones are especially vulnerable to osteoporotic fractures. Yoga can also increase your bone density, particularly in your vertebrae.

Yoga is also known as a stress reducer which can help strengthen your bones. When you are stressed out, your body releases the hormone cortisol. Cortisol can prevent your body from absorbing enough calcium, eventually eroding their strength.

Yoga Helps Boost Immunity and Drains Your Lymphs

One of the best benefits of doing yoga is one that is not often talked about. Your body uses the lymphatic system to support your immune system. The lymph contains your white blood vessels, though it can also have proteins and fats. Toxins are removed from your circulatory system into the different lymph nodes to filter them out of the body. However, when your lymphatic system isn’t functioning properly, you are more likely to get sick or even develop cancer.

This is why it is vital to drain the lymph to remove the toxins from your body completely. When you practice yoga, you stretch and twist your body, which eventually wrings out your lymph. Increasing the draining of your lymph helps your lymphatic system destroy cancer cells, release waste products of cellular functioning and release toxins. It also enables you to fight infection.

How Do I Get the Benefits of Yoga without Going to a Yoga Studio?

If you are ready to get the benefits mentioned above of doing yoga, but you don’t want to pay the outrageous price of studio membership, you might want to consider taking online yoga classes.

Glo is one of the best online yoga classes on the market. They have hundreds of different classes available for every level. You can try the platform out for free for two weeks. After that, you only pay $18 each month. You will have access to hundreds of meditation classes and yoga classes that are taught by the best in the world.