Effects Of California Being The First State In The USA To Legalize Medical Cannabis

To people who have been using medical cannabis since before it was legal, the effects of legalization are very noticeable.  You no longer have to sneak around and get marijuana delivery from drug dealers.  In fact, marijuana delivery in Los Angeles is very well organized and convenient.  You can choose from a huge selection of products, some of which have little to do with marijuana.  Even people who have never used cannabis notice some changes.  Here are some ways that the legalization of medical cannabis has changed the situation in California:

Increased Public Awareness of the Medical Uses of Cannabis

Legalizing cannabis for medical purposes has not done what opponents of legalization feared it would do.  It has not gotten the entire state high.  Cannabis is just one of a number of alternative therapies that have gotten more acceptance in mainstream medicine recently.  Consider how some health insurance companies now pay for chiropractic treatments and acupuncture for certain conditions. Likewise, an increasing number of physicians are willing to recommend patients for medical cannabis cards for debilitating conditions such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, or chronic pain, but also for other conditions including medical marijuana for OCD, migraine’s, restless leg syndrome and others.

Many current medical cannabis users are people who have been convinced of the plant’s medicinal effects since before legalization.  They don’t need a doctor to tell them that cannabis can reduce their migraine symptoms, for example.  They have already been using it for that purpose for years.  Likewise, not everyone flocks to cannabis.  Some people with chronic health conditions are fine with other treatments.

New Cannabis Products Are Being Developed

In the 1960s, cannabis was just for smoking or perhaps for making brownies.  Now that cannabis edibles are legal, the potential of cannabis as a dietary supplement is being unlocked.  It is very popular with people who like the idea of superfoods.

Legalizing medical cannabis has not really led to more marijuana smokers.  It has just led to more creative uses of cannabis.

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