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Things to keep in mind on your first tour to Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city and if you are wanderlust, you are going to love your time here. It has lately become a top of bucket list for travellers across the world. There are many good reasons for it to become a top destination. Adventure sports is one amongst the many excursions Dubai has to offer its guests. Do not forget to make the most of your trip with the must do – Dubai Desert Safari to get the ultimate experience of the desert.

In Dubai, you will get all the opportunities to enjoy adventure sports, not just in Desert but in ocean, as well as on land. You may also like to travel to the Omani peninsula bordering the UAE. Musandam Khasab and Musandam Dibba are Omani villages, few miles away from Dubai, they hold extreme serene beauty in the calm green waters. Honestly, there you would be lucky enough and spot cute dolphins and do snorkelling around them! However, while travelling to Dubai one has to be receptive of a difference in culture and has to adjust accordingly. Your first tour to Dubai is definitely going to be special, but you need to keep in mind a few things in order to have a good experience while you visit Dubai.

Here is a quick checklist before you head on to your Dubai trip:

1) Since Dubai follows Islamic rules, alcohol consumption is restricted to a great extent and you can find alcohol only in restaurants by non-Muslim owners. Never drink in a public place or get wasted since it may get you in some serious trouble.

2) Take care of your clothing style extensively. Make sure that you do not dress up in a way that you look like a person with political influence. Ladies are advice to not dress lightly or wear anything of provocative nature since the place is conservative and it would not hurt much to leave the shorts back at home to comply with the surroundings. Dresses should be worn in a way such that no indecent body part is revealed and clothing should at least cover from the shoulder and preferably to a little below the knees.  Although swimwear is allowed at beaches and water parks, it is a STRICT NO!! on the streets. Topless sunbathing is also prohibited in Dubai and can result in some serious problems including getting arrested. Keep this in mind when you indulge yourself in the activity of Deep sea fishing under the sun, because going for fishing in short clothes may put you in some trouble.

3) Although cohabitation outside marriage is illegal in Dubai, even if you are travelling with your partner and are not married you shouldn’t worry since they are open to ladies keeping surnames even after marriage. However, if you are worried about any problem just refer to each other like Husband-Wife and you will be good to go.

4) Public display of affection is strictly forbidden and the maximum allowance is holding hands for married couples, so it is advised to abstain from such acts. Be alert even when you are having a grand celebration by going for Yacht Charter Dubai to obtain the time of your life in exuberance that you don’t go with the flow and show any intimacy in presence of others.

5) Do not indulge in any offensive scene, treat others with proper respect and keep calm in any sort of strenuous situation and do not swear or speak any foul language. Do not carry any kind of pornographic material as well.

6) Dubai laws are very strict about drugs and do not carry any sort of medication that contains any restricted drug, so be alert about whatever you are carrying since the minimum amount of any kind of drug can land you in hot water.

7) Be alert while you are doing any kind of photography since some buildings are prohibited to shoot on camera. Even if you are shooting any local, get their permission first. But, to enjoy your time at Dubai and create unforgettable memories, you can book a fun time on a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. These cruises are custom built with traditional Arabic interiors. Where you get to experience the amazing Floating Restaurants of Dubai, starring into the magnificence of Dubai’s iconic beauty and taking a lot of pictures of the city’s skyline.

Don’t worry about restrictions things a lot, it is true that Dubai is a conservative place, however, it is one of the safest cities in the world and the crime rate is really low. Any kind of harassment with women will not be tolerated and the offender or criminal shall immediately be sentenced to jail. You will also love to explore and know more about Islam culture in the various places that you visit in Dubai.