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Must Do Activities in Dubai


Majority of tourist in Dubai mostly get overwhelmed due to the many different activities carried out in this tourist hub.

The following some reviews of the three must do activities in Dubai. The activities are selected purposely with an aim of showing you Dubai from different views. The safari will lead to view of the desert which an important feature of UAE with its dominant terrain.

Dhow cruise will give you a view of the Dubai Marina water canal which is a premium place in Dubai mainly known for iconic skyscrapers and its ultra-modern appearance then finally the deep sea fishing practice which will be able to show you the sea culture of Dubai and other equally important aspect of information and culture of Dubai as a desert.

#1 Desert Safari


The Desert safari in Dubai is major common tourist attraction and for some good reasons. Huge part of the country is desert and a trip to UAE without visiting the desert would be ironical.

Traveling through the dune bashing or the desert is possible but on some powerful 4 by 4 off road vehicle such as Nissan Patrols or land cruisers and something that cannot really be experienced in any other terrain.

Dune bashing is mix of being roller coaster as well as driving with highly aggressive and step dunes. After some adrenaline, experience is contrasted with some serene photo stop where utter silence is experienced apart from occasional roaring motors. The desert, just like the sea has a distinctive flavor of beauty that you can never confuse it with other topography. Its serenity and hostility express a sense of eternity symbolic of life.

Final destination in the tour will be in a desert camp, a mix of Arabic majlis, market and a restaurant. BBQ diner served with various refreshing drinks together with a part three live show, commencing from gracious and beautiful belly dancer to enthralled tanura dance show then finally breathtaking fire show.

This safari is definitely among the highly developed activities in Dubai and must for any visitor.

#2 Dhow Cruise


This too is among the most established tourist tradition. According to their tradition, dhows where some type of wooden boats which were used for all types of activities in Dubai. Such activities included pearl diving, fishing and importantly trade among others. In 90’s, local entrepreneurs started changing dhows to floating restaurants which led to the creation of the dhow cruise concept.

Originally, floating restaurants where only run in Creek though in about the past 6 to 7 years premium Dubai Canal has resulted into being the destination of choice for many operators.

Dhow cruise is currently an established tourist attraction which attracts very many tourists each day mainly to view marina with a combination of some dining experience which is made distinctive by ever changing décor and surreal contrast, being a traditional wooden boat present in the ultra-modern zone such as Dubai.

Mostly the skilled operators have a dance folks and singers mainly to entertain their guests.

Floating boats are also available mainly used for parties such as birthdays, weddings and other private parties.

#3 Fishing Trip


Just like the desert, the sea is also among important features in UAE which should be visited for a full understanding of Dubai. Though deep sea fishing is a popular activity among the residents and not visitors, it is nevertheless developing popularity among tourists.

Granted that Dubai not yet among the best sport fishing areas of the blue marlins such as the Seychelles, South Africa or Tobago.

It however has a rich catching mostly in the good seasons with more groupers, cobia, barracuda and other occasional tunas. Unrelatedly, a day in the open sea with BBQ barred on board is one way to leave the various anxious thoughts on the shores.

A good fisherman will openly admit that fishing moments are among most relaxing in one’s lifetime. Whether on a vacation or just a resident, a fishing activity is a necessity in Dubai. 


Dubai has proved to be an all rounded area, fit for anyone to visit. Most persons have glamorized this place (Dubai) as mainly destination for malls and shopping, although a lot of activities and beautiful sceneries are also present for everyone.

Importantly it is a good experience to visit the place and enjoy the good moments around the city.