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Experience Both Sea and Sand in Dubai

Dubai, being the best place for vacations, has been seeing a lot of tourists from across the world. People of all ages come to experience the beauty of Dubai as it has many things for everyone. The tourists, after coming to Dubai, can enjoy both sea and sand as it has several man- made islands as well as pristine beaches. There are many other things in Dubai that make things interesting for the tourists. There is the tallest building in Dubai, largest indoor theme park and many more tourist places. Dubai is the best place for experiencing both sand and sea. There are numerous deserts in Dubai that can make the trip wonderful. Dubai is also known for its shopping malls and tourists find it as an ideal destination for shopping.

The tourists have the best chance to experience the desert of Dubai. For tourists, spending time on sand is a unique experience and they find it very interesting. The desert looks beautiful during the sunset and tourists can experience that during the thrilling Dubai desert safari adventure. In the desert, the tourists can choose to do jeep safari and experience thrill and excitement. They can also do camel riding and have fun in the desert. The camel can only be found in the desert and thus tourists are more interested to do that. The best time to do all the activities is in the night time as during the day it is hot.

The tourists can enjoy barbeque buffet during the sunset in the desert that is offered by the organisers. They are also provided with welcome drinks, shisha and several traditional Dubai items. The tourists can have dinner inside the specially made tents on the traditional premium carpets with cushions. They are offered various types of cuisines and tourists can also choose to have Arabian cuisine that is popular among various guests visiting the country. For the entertainment of tourists, there are Live performances like traditional dance and magic show. There is also a musical band group that is performed by great artists. The tourists have the chance of spending the night in the desert under the sky.

The trip also offers the luxurious option to go for a yacht charter in Dubai for the tourists. It is very popular and is the best way to relax. The tourists can choose any certified yacht rental Dubai company and select from the many yachts according to their convenience. All these activities will make the trip to Dubai very memorable and are the best place to experience sand and sea together.

The tourists have various other things to experience in Dubai. They can also choose Dhow cruise Dubai for experiencing Dubai from the cruise. Dhow cruise offers lots of options for tourists. They can choose Dhow cruise in Dubai Marina or Dhow cruise on Dubai Creek and both give an amazing experience. Dhow cruise on Dubai Marina is advanced and offers many features to the visitors. It is also the best way to see Dubai at night time. The tall skyscrapers are bright- lit in the night and Dhow cruise is the best place to watch from.

Dhow offers a variety of cuisines to the tourists. Dhow cruise dinner is pretty popular among the tourists and it offers very delicious food. The tourists can choose to have dinner on the upper deck under the sky or they have the option to have dinner in the lower deck with their loved ones. There are also various entertainment options for tourists. They can enjoy dinner with the lovely music in the background.